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Archer Season 12 – The Series Is Renewed| Know Everything About It

Adult animated sitcoms have always been popular among people. It’s not like they are something new in the industry. They are always there for a very long time. There are many series that have been on the top list like The family guy, American Dad, Archer, and many more. But today we are especially focusing on Archer. A 2009 American animated drama that has been on the TVs for the longest time. 

The show is already popular among the people and that’s why it is able to release 11 seasons for the audience. Now, after the end of the 11 seasons, people are looking for the news and updates on whether the 12 seasons will happen or not? Now, in today’s article, we’ll be focusing on the famous series Archer and its upcoming season 11. Read this article till the last and know every single thing about your favorite sitcom. 

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Archer – What do you need to know?

Archer, an American Television which was first released on 17 September 2009 for the FX channel. The show became an instant hit after the release of the first season. The show has amazing dialogues and some great humor for the audience. All these things led to the popularity of the show. The last season, which was Season 11 was released on 16 September 2020. The series is already available on Netflix and is already a hit on the Series. 

The series revolves around a defective Intelligence agency which is operated by Sterling Archer, who is also the main protagonist of this story. Along with him, the story also revolves around the seven characters which are his co-workers in the agency. The episodes of this series take different turns which might look a little weird but the audience loved it. After season 10, the show again goes back to its spying nature storyline. 

Now after the end of season 11, the audience is waiting for season 12. There are already a lot of rumors going around the internet regarding this show. After releasing 11 seasons, can fans expect the season 12? Well, this question is already up on the internet and many fans want to know about it. Read the next section and find about season 12. 

Archer Season 12 – Is it really Coming Or Not?

Archer has successfully released 11 seasons for the audience. The 11 seasons consisting of 118 episodes are really interesting for people who loved adult comedy. Now, the series has already become a hit among the people. Now, after so many successful seasons, how can we not expect season 12? During an interview with Adam Reed, the creator of the show said that the Archer will not broadcast after season 10. But then the fans again got a surprise when the 11 seasons were released of Archer. The broadcasting channel FX has already decided to renew this series. 

Initially, the creators of this show were not that serious to renew this series. But after season 11, the viewership of the show increased significantly and that’s when the creators of the show decided to renew the series. 

Almost 32% of the viewership increased during season 11. In an interview with Variety, the creators of the show announced that they are renewing the series for 12 installments. 

Archer Season 12 – What is the Release Date of this show?

The last season ended on 28 October 2020 and the show is known to launch every year. But as this year, the world is already hit by Coronavirus and there was a long term in the working. People have spent months on their home and this has led to the delay of the work. Many movies and shows have already been delayed due to Covid-19. Now, talking about the release date of this series which isn’t announced yet. 

The release date is not officially announced yet and people were predicting that the show will release somewhere in Fall, 2021. This is because the show has a long history to launch every year in the fall time. But Covid-19 may affect the delay of this series. 

You have to wait some more to know the exact release date. Further, if there will be any updates regarding this then I’ll update this section for you. 

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Archer Season 12 – What will be the plotline?

While there is nothing particular released about the plotline of the show and I can’t comment confidently about it. But one thing I can tell you and that are the theories. Well, the fans are already guessing the storyline and the future of this series but there is one thing that is confirmed that we are no longer seeing the whole can in that isolated space. Neither there will be the drug scene nor that where they are left out. It will be great to see Archer in his old look, which is greatly loved by the fans.

If you have seen the last episode then you would have known that Archer wakes up from his long-term coma. This is the reason that the viewership of the show changes significantly and the show has done amazingly over season 11. Plus, during the lockdown, everyone has experienced web series and people who are unknown to these things also came up to this world. No wonder that quarantine has done amazing for this show. 

Season 12 will also focus on Archer and his agent life. We could hope to see more cases as the insider has reported that the series will focus on them. 

What are the ratings of this show?

The ratings are important to judge any show. The show has amazingly done well in the industry. Not only the people but the critics are also happy with this show. Now talking about the ratings of this show, which are great. Starting with the IMDb rating of this show is 8.6/10. Next, has rated this show with an 8.8/10 rating. With 90% of rotten tomatoes, the show is already being loved by the critics. 

The audience is also happy with this show and that’s why the audience rating summary of this show is 4.8. If you are new to this series then you should probably head to watch this show on Netflix.

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How the people reacted over the internet?

Till now you have probably guessed that this show is pretty hit and that’s why the audience was craving for the 12 seasons. People are really very confused whether or not the season is coming or not. But now, as the news is going viral about the 12 installments, the audience can’t keep their happiness on the ground level. Everyone is excited over this news. 

Final words

The show has amazingly done great over the 11 years. Archer has successfully released 11 seasons and now they are planning to release the 12 seasons for the audience. The show creators have already released the statement in the interview with variety. The show has almost 118 episodes in total and if you are looking for this series then you should probably hit towards Netflix. 

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