April Fools Pranks for Kids: Friendly Jokes to Celebrate 1st April

April Fools’ Day Jokes for Children

Easter is approaching, and now is the perfect time to lighten the mood with some harmless yet hilarious April Fools’ pranks for kids. Here are some ideas: Remember that April Fools’ Day is celebrated for 24 hours, which means you can plan a full day of pranks (and jokes) for your children that will keep them on their toes and entertained. As with anything in life, if you can dish it out, you can almost certainly take it as well, so proceed with caution—kids might just get in on the pranking action with some April Fools’ pranks to play on your parents. Rather than just crying, we prefer jokes and japes that make everyone laugh out loud (as opposed to just crying), so these are all silly, memory-making antics that will have the entire family laughing, no matter who is on the receiving end! See these funny April Fools’ pranks to pull this year for even more prank-tastic inspiration (and even more April Fools’ pranks for kids) if you need any more prank-tastic ideas. Now, go forth and play a practical joke!

april fools pranks for kids

Attempt to Make a Move While they are Sleeping

This April Fools’ prank is ideal for children who are chronically sleep deprived. Sneak into their home during the night and rearrange their furniture, swap out their comforter, or even switch your children from one bed to another. They’ll be perplexed as to what exactly transpired while they were dozing! Take a look at these April Fools’ Day pranks that went disastrously wrong.

Make Their Milk a Bright Blue Colour

Do you have any Star Wars enthusiasts in your family? Inform them that you have procured for them some extra-special milk from Tatooine himself! This is simple. Children who regularly consume milk or cereal in the morning will enjoy this April Fools’ prank for children. Fill your milk carton with a few drops of blue food colouring and shake it up before pouring. To earn extra points, create some Star Wars-themed labelling to adhere to the outside of your milk carton. Check out these short jokes for even more belly laughs.

Allow the Easter Bunny to be a Practical Jokester

Easter Sunday is only a few days away, which makes April Fools’ Day a timely celebration (Easter lands on Sunday, April 17, 2022). Let your Easter Bunny have a little fun a little early this year by giving him a little something to look forward to. You can use the foil from some foil-wrapped chocolate eggs to cover individual grapes for a sweet (and silly) surprise if you’ve already stocked up on Easter candy. If you haven’t already, carefully unpeel the foil from some foil-wrapped chocolate eggs and reuse the wrap for a sweet (and silly) surprise.

Provide them with a Little Bathroom Reading Material

This is one of the easiest April Fools’ Day pranks for kids that requires little work and results in lots of giggles. Remove some of your toilet paper and write a witty joke or the words “Happy April Fools’ Day” on it with a Sharpie to celebrate April Fools’ Day. Roll it back up and wait to see who will be the one to discover your surprise!

Replace their Morning Cereal with Something Else

This is the ideal April Fools’ Day prank for kids who are big fans of their favourite breakfast cereal. Make your children believe they are eating a healthier cereal by playing a trick on them (or surprise them with a usually off-limits sugary kind). To test this, simply swap the bags between two cereal boxes and watch how long it takes for your children to recognise that they are pouring something different into their bowls. Your favourite fast-food restaurants are also participating in the pranking fun!

april fools pranks for kids

Prepare a Balloon Surprise for your Guests

“Wow” them when they wake up in the morning with an April Fools’ Day prank for kids who enjoy fun surprises on a regular basis. Painter’s tape can be used to attach many wide pieces of plastic wrap over your child’s door, and filled balloons can be placed inside the pocket created by the tape. When your child opens their door in the morning, they will be greeted by a massive explosion of balloons.

Prepare a Baffling Supper for your Guests

April Fools’ Day has evolved into a delectable way to commemorate the holiday. Simple April Fools’ prank for kids that will have the whole family laughing at dinner time is presented here. In the morning, place half of a canned peach on top of a flat circle of vanilla yoghurt to produce a simulated fried egg effect. (You may serve it with apple fake fries that have been dusted with cinnamon.)

To make a special “dessert for dinner,” prepare meatloaf and divide it into cupcake tins. Frost the “cupcakes” with mashed potato icing to serve as a special “dessert.” And then there’s dessert. In place of cheese, try making a “grilled cheese” sandwich using slices of pound cake as the bread and gooey yellow icing as the filling. In order to make the kids’ “juice” more realistic, jello can be frozen in glasses with straws embedded for an added realistic touch.

Make a Wacky Candy Concoction

Children who consume candy by the handful will like this amusing April Fools’ joke for them (or who wish they could). Trick them with a candy dish that appears to be appetizing—but in reality, it contains Skittles, Reese’s Pieces, and M&Ms mixed together. That first handful of candies will almost certainly taste a little… ahem… out of the ordinary. Having said that, the odds are that they’ll go through it with a bit more attention following that.

Allow them to go through a Dramatic “Growth Spurt”

If you offer them a nutritious dish (such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts) on the night before April Fools’ Day, tell them that they will most likely grow significantly in response to the experience. This simple April Fools’ prank is ideal for children who are averse to eating their vegetables. Fill the toes of their shoes with a few tissues, and possibly lay out a couple a size too small garments for them to wear while they recover. They’ll be shocked to discover how enormous they’ve grown the following morning. (And perhaps you’ll be able to persuade them to consume broccoli on a more regular basis!) These are the most surprising pranks that have ever taken place in history.