April Fools Pranks for Boyfriend : That You Can Pull Over the Phone or Through Text Message

April Fools’ Day has arrived, and you’ve been looking forward to it all year. Keep your April Fools’ Day opportunity to play a harmless April Fools’ Day joke on the most important man in your life from passing you by without getting a good laugh. Due to the fact that April 1 is quickly approaching, it is the ideal time to begin arranging a humorous April Fools’ prank. Inspire yourself with these April Fools’ Day pranks for lovers before you plan your big moment. Remember, however, that fair play requires equal opportunity, so remember to maintain your own high level of alertness throughout the day! Maybe even a handful of these will work as text-based jokes for your friends and family.

april fools pranks for boyfriend

April Fools’ Day Phone Prank (April Fools’ Day Prank over the Phone)

When it comes to April Fools’ Day pranks over the phone, this is one of the most creative and effective. Simply call him and inform him that his parents have called you and that you and his parents are discussing marriage. This will cause him to become perplexed as to how his parents are aware of the relationship and will cause them to approach you directly without informing him. Additionally, if he hasn’t informed his parents about your relationship and any information they may have shared with you regarding the same, it will undoubtedly make him feel uncomfortable. You can simply walk around the room and make up stories on the phone while he is trapped on the phone.

Fault in the Investment

This turns out to be the best outcome for the beau when funds are pooled. Inform him that you became involved in investments and stockbroking as a side hustle and that you lost a substantial amount of money on a terrible bet. Alternatively, inform him that you have won a massive sum of money on a hot tip!

Fake Cake is a Cake that is not Real

Make two large round meatloaves from the ground beef. Using one meatloaf, place it in a pie plate and cover it with a layer of mashed potato “icing.” Repeat with the other meatloaf. Cover the entire “cake” with the whipped mashed potato “icing,” and set aside. Finally, using ketchup, create a heart or some other type of decoration. What a delectable dessert!

Tell him his Ex-Girlfriend Called him up – April Fools’ Day Phone Jokes

Men are usually on the lookout for signs that their current partner will meet their ex. They simply do not want the number of complaints to increase. Make up a story about how his ex-girlfriend called you and said she wants to meet up. Then watch his befuddled reaction to find out what happened. However, you should inform him over the phone that it is really an April Fool’s hoax before he proceeds to text his ex!

Inventive Freak-Out Nightmare

Make a jumble of shortcuts to odd files on your boyfriend’s computer desktop. Copy and paste them until there are at least ten copies of each icon stacked on top of one another, then stop. Take a screenshot of the desktop (including all of the icons) and use it as the background image for your computer. When he first discovers it, he’ll be angry by all of the icons and begin erasing them, which will make it appear as like it’s working for a short period of time. Soon, he will no longer be able to pick the icons on his desktop (because they are all contained within the background image) and will be “stuck” with a cluttered desktop until you expose your secret.

Send Him a Text Message From His Bank Account! For Example, April Fools’ Day Phone Pranks for Boyfriend

Change a friend’s phone number to the name of his bank in his phone. You most likely already know the last four or five digits of his credit or debit card. Send him a text message from that friend’s phone, informing him that a sum of money in the amount of XXXX has been deducted from his account on XX date at XX time.

Is it a text message regarding unwelcome behaviour on his card? He’s going to be completely taken aback!

april fools pranks for boyfriend

Change Your Clothes Every 30 Minutes and Appear as if Nothing has Changed

Have you ever questioned whether or not your partner appreciates all of the wonderful ensembles that you put together? Today would be an excellent opportunity to put that to the test and see whether he notices.

Plan out ten or so different costumes that you can change into every thirty minutes. Once he begins to notice, or even if he does not, calmly inquire as to whether or not he is feeling okay. Make sure it’s out of the ordinary enough to capture his attention; we all know how men are about noticing what they wear.

Inform your partner that he has dialled the incorrect number. This is certain to perplex him, especially given that he has just texted you! Play a small joke on him and claim that a stranger has received his text. You can even inquire as to who he is seeking for in order to find out what he has to say about you.

“Well, I suppose you’ve dialled the wrong phone number. “

“Can you tell me who you’re looking for?”

“Hello, my name is Bob. You’ve dialled the incorrect number, buddy.”

Inform him that your Engagement Ring has been Misplaced

An engagement ring is extremely important because of the emotions associated with it as well as the financial investment made in it. If you pretend that you have lost your mind and stage a dramatic scene in which you are worried, frowning, and looking everywhere, it is possible that he may begin to believe you as well. Make him hunt for the prank in every nook and cranny as you sit back and relax when he is not present, and then expose the trick to him later.

Consequently, try out these April Fools’ Day pranks on your lover over the phone or in person to infuse a little humour into your relationship.

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