Ap Bio Season 3: Episode List| Official Teaser| Cast And More

NBC’s show A.P Bio is an American comedy-drama which is created by  Mike O’Brien. The show is the debut for the first time on March 1, 2018.

At first, the Bio’s command is under the NBC Universal but only for three episodes. After NBC’s it went into the hands of Peacock studios and still under the peacock executives.

The second installment airs on March 7, 2019. In 2019 the show was canceled after two seasons but later revive by the official. The recent season airs on September 3, 2020.

“Everyone involved is so excited to do more episodes,” creator/writer/executive producer Mike O’Brien said.

“We’re so thankful to Peacock and everyone who watched! Season 3 was the most fun we’ve had. I want to dig even deeper into the main characters and also keep messing with the sitcom format.”

What’s New In Ap Bio Season 3?

In the third installment, there will be some new plot and twist. In the previous story, Jack Carson’s philosophy professor loses his dream job. Then his rival Miles Leonard takes his place as a professor. Jack and his student want to take revenge on their rival.

Helen goes back to take her high school Degree. Jack doesn’t want to teach his students biology. Jack knows that he has a full room of the student so he decided to use them to take revenge on Miles.

He wants to prove that he is still the king of this area. And in the second installment, Jack wants to know that How Toledo is happy in his daily life? So he uses his students to collect information about his best-selling book.

And the third installment starts exactly from where it ends! We see tons of changes in the life of Jack, Toledo, and Helen.

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A.P Bio Season 3

How Many Episodes AP Bio Season 3 Have?

At first, the show comes up with eight episodes that carry the story of the first season later two more seasons come out having thirteen episodes( second season) and eight episodes(third season).

Episode List of Season 3-

  1. Tiny Problems
  2. Disgraced
  3. Garry Meets Dave
  4. Get Hoppy!
  5. Mr. Pistachio
  6. That That That
  7. Aces Wild
  8. Katie Holmes Day

Who Are In The Ap Bio Season 3?

The show has some new faces with formers ones. Allisyn Ashley Arm is in the AP Bio’s third installment with Jacob Houston, Jacob McCarthy, Jean Villepique, Marisa Baram, and Nick Peine playing their respective role.

Rather than this, we have the listed names of the supporting and guest actors of the show.

  • Paula Pell as Helen Henry Demarcus
  • Elizabeth Alderfer as Lynette
  • Miguel Chavez as Eduardo
  • Jacob Timothy Manown as Caleb
  • Collette Wolfe as Meredith
  • Nikki Glaser as Chloe from Baltimore
  • Niecy Nash as Kim Burke
  • Taran Killam as Mr. Vining
  • Mark Proksch as Philip
  • Michael Gross as Brandon
  • Christopher Lloyd as Melvin
  • Erinn Hayes as Trish
  • Tim Heidecker as Greg
  • Brooks Wheelan as Seth
  • Jon Lovitz as Robin Schwonk

AP Bio Season 3

Official Teaser of Ap Bio Season 3

Those who haven’t seen the official teaser then you can watch it here-

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Final Words-

Rotten Tomatoes has given this 95% audience ratings according to their census with a count of twenty-two user ratings and six critic reviews.

Getting more than ninety-five percentile listed the show under Waffles+ Mochi tag from tomato meter. Although it secures 7.33 out of 10 whereas according to the IMDb is stands with 7.3 out of 10.  Do you wanna rank the show according to you? Comment Below!!

The show comes with a 3.12 million average viewership which is a great success for the creators. After seeing great results they decided to renew the show for the fourth installment in December 2020.

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