Take a Look at Ao Ashi’s Main Characters

Ao Ashi, the anticipated sports anime that has been showing since April of this year, is one of the numerous new anime released in 2022. We will mention Ao Ashi’s primary characters. Ao Ashi has well-written characters that make up the great Tokyo Esperion FC Youth Football Team, as do many sports anime that brings us back to our youth and remind us of the genuine value of sportsmanship. This article will introduce you to the protagonists of Ao Ashi, who shape the plot.

Main characters in Ao Ashi:

Ashito Aoi

Ashita Aoi is the protagonist of Ao Ashi, and the title alludes to his name. Ashito is an excellent football player, but his tenacity sometimes makes him difficult to manage. Despite this, he genuinely enjoys football and decides to better his setbacks and football knowledge.

Take a Look at Ao Ashi's Main Characters

Because he has the desire to improve, we end up identifying with him as the primary character. Kouki Osuzu is the voice actor who provides the voice for Ashito.

Tatsuya Fukuda

Tatsuya Fukuda is a dependable coach for the Youth Football Team of Tokyo City Esperion FC. This character is portrayed by Chikahiro Kobayashi and has a keen eye for youthful talent, as he is the one who recruits our protagonist Ashito.

Tatsuya is equally talented as our football team. At the age of 18, he joined the J-Tokyo League’s City Esperion FC. At the age of 23, he was recruited by a Spanish team in La Liga. Tatsuya is an excellent coach and was a midfielder during his playing days.

Eisaku Otomo

The middle fielder for the Tokyo City Esperion Youth Football team is Eisaku Otomo. Tatsumaru Tachibana provides the voice for Eisaku, who has a childlike disposition.

He is the mental MVP of the game due to his unwavering composure and determination during competition. Eisaku is revealed to be highly upset by teammates that ridicule him, specifically Jun.

Souichirou Tachibana

Souichirou Tachibana is the hardworking leader of the Tokyo City Esperion FC Youth Team, where he plays forward (Ashito’s former position). Extremely talented, he once played for the strong Tokoyama Musashino Kekkodan Junior Youth;

however, he has decided to join Esperion Fc’s Youth Team since he thought there was no room for advancement on his former team. He possesses a strong sense of responsibility and brings gravitas to the group. Seiichiro Yamashita provides the voice for Souichiro.

Keiji Togashi

Former mobster Keiji Togashi has classic Yankee-style hair. Initially, he exhibits a short temper and is highly disruptive and disagreeable. Despite his personality flaws, the child accepts his mistakes to become a better football player. Keiji is voiced by Taku Yashiro.

Kanpei Kuroda

Esperion Junior Youth midfielder Kanpei Kuroda, spoken by Shun Horie, is promoted by Esperion Junior Youth. Kanpei’s primary objective is to become a professional player, and he employs a measured playing approach. Due to his ideas, he gets along well with Takeshima, and both of them get along well with Togashi, despite their divergent soccer viewpoints.

Jun Asari Marchis

Jun Asari Marchis, whose voice is provided by Kato Wataru, is also a member of the Esperion Japan Youth. He plays fullback and has great attacking skills. Jun comes across as a brat because he has everything — looks, abilities, and a great background — which frequently causes him to be conceited. Initially, he portrays the bully of our main character Ashito, whose abilities pale in comparison to those of Jun.

Hana Ichijo

Hana Ichijo is a football fanatic and first-year student, just like our protagonist Ashito. She is a frequent contributor to the team and a former fan of Tatsuya, who later becomes her younger brother.

Take a Look at Ao Ashi's Main Characters

She also aims to become a physician one day, and her talent is evident in the food plan she frequently prepares for the Youth Team of Tokyo City Esperion FC. Maki Kawase lends his voice to this character.

Yuuma Motoki

Another player promoted by Esperion Japan Youth, Yuuma Motoki also plays forward for the squad. He possesses the necessary football ability to become a first-team regular. Yuuma is a sophomore whose voice is provided by Junya Enoki.

Ryuichi Takeshima

Kentaro Kumagai provides the voice for Ryuichi Takeshima, who is also a first-year student promoted from Esperion Junior Youth. His specialisation is defence, which is uncommon for the Esperion Team, who plays an offensive style of soccer. Ryuichi is Yuuma’s close friend and harbours hatred against Otomo.

Haruhisa Kuribayashi

Haruhisa Kuribayashi is an Esperion Senior Team midfielder and a teammate. He is voiced by Yuichiro Umehara and is regarded as a football prodigy, having made his professional debut at the age of 16. Haruhisa is difficult to interpret, as he appears to be solely focused on football. It is his primary objective in life.

Nagisa Akutsu

The centre defender and captain of Tokyo City Esperion Youth are Nagisa Akutsu. Similar to his position as a defender, Nagisa has a plain and abrasive mentality, which is not ideal for a captain.

Therefore, his thoughts and beliefs frequently spark minor disagreements among his teammates. Nagisa also appears to have a problem with Ashito’s lack of talent, since he is subjected to the harshest treatment. His voice is provided by Shunsuke Takeuchi.