Another Life Season 2: Coming to Netflix This Year!

Are you waiting for the new season of Aaron Martin science fiction drama i.e. Another Life? Is the season renewed by Netflix for the second time after having mixed reviews?

Yes, Netflix renewed the second installment of Another Life sci-fi series which stars Battlestar Galactica hero Katee Sackhoff and Hellboy star Selma Blair. It is the best looking show on Netflix and the season renewed for the 2nd time.

Filming of the series for the 2nd season is also completed and the show will return on Netflix in the year of 2021 or may be next year as half of the 2021 is completed.

So let’s move forward to know what we know so far about the second season of Another Life on Netflix.

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In the story for the search of intelligent life, an astronaut’s team is led by Astronaut Niko Breckinridge into space. Their aim is to find the source of aliens that mysteriously appeared on the Earth, meanwhile they faced danger which could be a one way trip for them.

Is Another Life Season 2 Renewed by Netflix?

Another Life Season 2

Season 2 of Another Life was confirmed by Netflix and it also renewed for the second time. It is good news for the fans of Another Life that they are getting the 2nd installment of the show soon.

It was also confirmed by Katee Sackhoff on her twitter account that another life season 2 is coming. But unfortunately it’s release date is not confirmed when we get the season this year or next year.

But finally after so many delays the show is coming back, which finally filmed completely in late 2020.

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Let’s wait and watch when the Another Life season 2 comes as we came to know from the Netflix Geeked week that it is coming to fall in 2021.

Who Will Be Seen in the Another Life Season 2?

Another Life Season 2

For season 2 of Another Life there is no official announcement who will be coming back for the new season but we can expect that major players from season 1 who are able to survive will come back to the new season.

There are some talented members from the first seasons like Justin Chatwin, Selam Blair and many more, and it is interesting to see who will be back for another season with many new faces.

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What Can Be Expected From Season 2?

Another Life Season 2

After discovering that Achaia are hostile and hell-bent and also alien race’s intention is only known by the Salvare’s crew. So season two needed, as there are many questions which are to be answered in the second season and Achaia are on either destroying or enslaving the human race.

The Salvare crew is only standing there and watching their new aliens after saving Zakir from the artifacts.

Now it was a race against time for them to come back to Earth and think of the Achaians as peaceful but they are risky as they may destroy anything.

There are many questions left which are to be answered like the new A.I. William is peaceful or hellbent which is created accidentally?

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How Have Subscribers and Critics Reacted to Another Life?

This series doesn’t impress the fans and critics like other sci-fi series which come and hit the screen. Many of the series created a good impression on the audience for the first time but Another Life didn’t leave the same impression when it was watched for the first time by the fans.

4.8 ratings out of 10 is given to Another Life on IMDB which has a 6% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Is There Any Trailer for the Another Life Season 2

There is no official trailer for the Another Life season 2 but its official first look clip comes for you and it is given here below.

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