Anonymous Princess Diana- Is Her Really A Natural Death Or Mystery ?

In this post , we are going to talk about Princess Diana, How she dies? What happened to her ? Is the Queen has the hand behind her death or it was a Suicide… If you are willing to know all these then go through this Article once.

Who Is Princess Diana?

Diana is the Princess of Wales. Royal blood flows in her veins because she was a member of the British Royal family.

The Princess was born on 1 July 1961 and unfortunately dies on 31 August 1997, when she was only 36 years old.

Diana was born and grew old on the Sandringham estate. When she was around twenty-year-old she stepped into the working field, her first job was as a nursery teacher’s assistant.

After some time, when she grew ups, she becomes engaged to Prince Charles, who is quite popular because he is the supreme son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Anonymous Princess Diana

Diana married Charles in 1981… At First, They are happily married together, and later on, their family completed when Diana gave birth to a baby boy and then another one.

Although every good thing which seems doesn’t remain the same always… The couple involved in arguments because of their incompatibility and extramarital affairs.

Both of them decided to end the marriage and cleared that they are going to divorce. In 1992, the couple was done with the Judicial separation.

Right after five years of her divorce, Princess found dead. Many believed that she was killed by Charles or by Queen Elizabeth.

However, many believed that she is murdered by her former Ex-husband because he is not able to suffer the separation.

Her death is still a mystery for everyone out there, we have tried to figure out some major points behind her death, so let’s check.

What Happened To Princess Diana? How She Died?

After her divorce in 1996, Daina started living in an apartment situated on the north side. It is also aired that she shares the same residence with the Prince for the very first year.

Does She Went Into Depression? Although it’s usual to go into depression when someone left you she is a strong lady I think, In 2003 her brother refused to take her to their place at Althorp after she requested them to do this.

After some time, she was offered  Metropolitan Police‘s Royalty Protection Group that they are going to take the expense of her and her children too but she refused.

Later on, it is aired that Diana is in a relationship with British-Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.

Khan was known as the “the love of her life” by her friends and fam in the same former years when she died.

The lady also used to say to him as “Mr. Wonderful” but after all, this so-called loved one, they broke up in 1997 and when asked to Khan at the death of Diana, he said that Princess is the one who decided to end the relationship.

Burrel also added that her stepmother is not at the side of seeing her daughter with a Muslim guy, maybe that is against their culture.

After one month of her breakup, she is seen with Dodi Fayed. In the same year, she was found dead in a car accident.

Anonymous Princess Diana

On 31 August 1997, Diana was in Paris where her car crashed. She was with Dodi Fayed and the driver, Henri Paul, and her defender. Although from the names, only the bodyguard survived.

After she died, Khan added that when she is returning to London, she isn’t acting normal. He said that “She was not her normal self, and she kept looking at her mobile phone,” Hasnat later told police.

Their last meeting is at Battersea Park, where each other talked for the last time. This is the day Diana told him that “it’s all over between us…”

Even Khan felt that this is not an accident, however, he isn’t able to prove that.

Anonymous Princess Diana- Is Queen Behind Her Death?

Everyone has their own theory on the death of the Princess, many believed that this is an act of the Queen, she never liked her which is the reason she ordered someone to kill her using a vehicle, so that it will not seems like a murder at the end.

Here we have mentioned some tweets by Anonymous Princess Dianna.

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Final Verdict-

This is miserable news that three live passed on around the same time in view of a vehicle accident.

Everybody was tragic for the Princess as well, her memorial service was the most-watched thing on English television that crested at more than 32.10 million in the United Kingdoms.

People also show their sorrow using flowers, candles, cards, and personal messages outside Kensington Palace for several months. Diana’s coffin is taken to a private morgue and afterward positioned in the Sanctuary Imperial.


We aren’t sure about her death may be the Anonymous group is spreading just oxygen to the bush fire or they are just confusing the readers with her death but still in our hearts, no one can admit that she could die just because of an accident.

Here we are going to end our post with our last words may their soul live in peace…#Annonymous Princess Diana.

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