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Annie Wersching Death: What Happened With the Star of “24”?

Annie Wersching, who was best known for her role on the TV show 24, died at age 45. The actress had cancer for a long time, and her family has confirmed that she died of it on January 29.

Wersching was in a number of TV shows and movies during her career, and she kept working even after she was told she had cancer in 2020. Find out more about the actress’s life and work by reading on.

How Did Annie Wersching Die?

Stephen Full, who played Annie’s husband, released a statement about her death: “There is a huge hole in the soul of this family today. But she gave us what we needed to do it. She saw magic in the smallest things. She could dance without music. She taught us that adventure doesn’t come to you. “Go look for it. It’s all over.’ And we’ll find it.”

 Annie Wersching Death

“As I drove our boys, the real loves of her life, down the winding driveway and street, she would yell BYE! until we were out of earshot and into the world. Even now, I can still hear it. Bye, my Buddie. “I love you, little family,” he said.

The actress is survived by her husband and three children: 12-year-old Freddie, 4-year-old Ozzie, and 4-year-old Archie. Now, her family has started a GoFundMe page to help the kids. “She was trying to keep her boys safe. So she could keep working, she wanted to get better. “And to be honest, she just didn’t want to talk about it,” the fundraiser says.

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“She wanted to live her life on her own terms and be with her family. Everyone loved Annie. Everyone. We loved her a lot, but she loved her boys more. Let’s help her by taking care of them,” it says.

After she was told she had cancer, the actress worked in Star Trek: Picard.

About Annie Wersching

Wersching was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2002, she got her first job as a guest star on Star Trek: Enterprise. After that, she had small parts in the TV shows Charmed, Killer Instinct, Supernatural, and Cold Case. She played Amelia Joffe on ABC’s General Hospital in 2007.

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Wersching became well-known for her role as FBI Special Agent Renee Walker in seasons 7 and 8 of the TV show 24. In 2014, she played the lead role in the crime drama Bosch on Amazon Prime. She was also in the video game The Last of Us, where she did voice work and motion capture. The actress was told she had cancer in 2020. She kept acting, though, and played the Borg Queen in the second season of Star Trek: Picard.

Annie Wersching’s Loved Ones Send Their Condolences

A lot of the actress’s friends and coworkers in the business have said how sad they are about her death. The show’s director and producer, Jon Cassar, said, “My heart is broken in so many pieces that I can’t even count them.” Annie came into my life with an open heart and a smile that was hard not to catch. She was so talented that it took my breath away.”

 Annie Wersching Death

Neil Druckmann, who helped make The Last of Us, wrote on Twitter, “Just got the sad news that my dear friend Annie Wersching has died. We’ve just lost a great artist and person. My heart has been broken. Her family and friends are in our thoughts.” A fan also wrote, “Such a wonderful, talented actor gone so young because of cancer! I saw her last night in a role that she played.”

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We are very sorry for Annie Wersching’s family’s loss. Her soul may rest in peace.