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Anirban Lahiri Joins Arjun Atwal at Wyndham Championship After 5 months

Lahiri at his first PGA Tour tournament, after a gap of 5 months

Finally, the Indian golfer has come after five months in the golf course to plunge off in this recent week’s PGA competition at Wyndham Championship.

Lahiri was utilizing the pandemic lockdown and he was at home rejoicing in small things like charity, donations, spending quality time with family for consecutive five months.

Comeback statement of Anirban Lahiri

Anirban Lahiri and Arjun Atwal are going neck on the neck this and they will participate in Wyndham Championships at the country club of Sedgefield.

Anirban stated that he is ravenous and is born ready for the win this week against Atwal. He also said that he is in India for Hero Indian Open and because of the pandemic, he had to hold back.

Due to this pandemic, he couldn’t travel back to the USA due to the curtailment. But, Lahiri had gotten back to the USA and he is super excited for this first match in the Wyndham Championships.

Lahiri also stated this stay back in India as the “summer vacations of the school”.


Anirban Lahiri’s time in India

Anirban Lahiri had spent his initial days and a lot of time with his parents in Hyderabad. Where he spent quality time with his family. He also uploaded two cooking videos from his social media handle which he named “cooking with Lahiri’s”

He also preached yoga, where he claimed that he is flexible now also when he is going to be 33 years old man.

Lahiri said that from his very young age he couldn’t give enough to his family due to golf. As golf is everything for him. Now when he came to India, he also didn’t bring his Golf kit. He said that it’s good to play the break-off button sometimes. It’s good to hold back.


Anirban’s days with his mentor

After living with his parents, Anirban Lahiri moved to his mentor, Vijay Divecha in Ahmedabad and decided to labor his gameplay.

Anirban stated that he had decided in his mind that his centre of the attraction would be the 2020-22 season. He said he took a chance to reconstruct his gameplay.

According to Anirban Lahiri, this lockdown period was the prime time to reconstruct one’s style of play and get full assistance from the coach even. And it’s just a perfect excuse to stay from various tournaments without any worries.

It’s good, right? That PGA gave allowance to all the participating players to inform their position or status they would be in the 2020 tournament season. They are taking care of each participant!!


Anirban Lahiri’s proper status

Anirban spent six weeks with his coach and learned such tricks and techniques of gold from Vijay which he hasn’t also got into his gold career life. It was a huge achievement if restart for him from coach Vijay.

Anirban and Divecha had started from scratch to reconstruct the game strategy of Lahiri and Anirban had learned many new things from his coach which he had never ever been taught by others in these 5-6 years of his golf career.


Lahiri’s not a great time

But, unfortunately, Lahiri couldn’t secure a place in the Wyndham Championships. Atwal won and he is currently the title holder of India’s first PGA winner.

Anirban also made his way to the down in FedExCup list. His ranking is 219th.

So, it’s a huge question that can Anirban Lahiri pull back and secure a ranking position in the FedExCup points list?

Can Anirban Lahiri best Arjun Atwal in the coming weeks? Will be able to cross the level of Atwal which is 215th?

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