At the Venice Film Festival, Ana De Armas Channels Marilyn Monroe in a Romantic Barbie Pink Gown.

Ana de Armas channeled the famous Marilyn Monroe during the Sept. 8 international premiere of Blonde at the Venice Film Festival. The 34-year-old actress of Cuban descent, who portrays Marilyn in the Andrew Dominik-directed recreation of the late actress's life, wowed in a stunning pink Louis Vuitton gown.

The dress' plunging neckline and pleated material looked to pay homage to one of Marilyn's most memorable outfits: the white halter-neck dress she wore in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch, which she had to keep down as a vent in the ground pushed air up at her.

Ana De Armas Channels Marilyn Monroe in a Romantic Barbie Pink Gown

Ana was thrilled to be walking the red carpet for the film, which is scheduled to debut on Netflix on September 23. She flashed photographers a beautiful smile. Ana went all out to adorn the outfit, donning a spectacular diamond necklace by Messika fashioned to resemble wings converging around her neck and a sparkling diamond bracelet on her left wrist. She accessorized with stud earrings and a tiny ring on her right pinky finger. Her gorgeous brown hair was done with typical Hollywood waves.

The path to the premiere has not been simple, despite the fact that Ana's performance is already receiving excellent reviews. Ana was criticized earlier in the year for her Spanish accent, which led trolls to assume she was unqualified to portray the California-born pop culture giant.

Ana De Armas Channels Marilyn Monroe in a Romantic Barbie Pink Gown

However, Brad Pitt, a producer on Blonde, defended her by stating that Ana is the only reason the film could be made. The 58-year-old star of Ad Astra told Entertainment Tonight in August that the picture was 10 years in the making. “We couldn't finish the film until we found Ana,” he added, adding that he believes the Golden Globe candidate did a “phenomenal” job portraying Marilyn.

The Knives Out star told Vanity Fair in 2020, presumably supporting Brad's assertions, “I only had to audition for Marilyn once, and Andrew said, ‘It's you.'” She said, “But I had to audition for everyone else.” “The creators. The financiers. There are always individuals I need to persuade. But I knew I could succeed. Playing Marilyn was pioneering. A Cuban who portrays Marilyn Monroe. I desired it so ardently.”

Ana also stated how hard she worked to portray Marilyn Monroe flawlessly, both the stage Marilyn and the real Marilyn, Norma Jeane Mortenson. In June, she told Netflix Queue, “We labored on this picture for hours each and every day for nearly a year.” “I researched hundreds of images, videos, audio recordings, and films, in addition to reading Joyce Carol's novel.

Ana De Armas Channels Marilyn Monroe in a Romantic Barbie Pink Gown

Each scenario is derived from an existing photograph. We would dissect every aspect of the photograph and dispute its meaning. The initial inquiry was always, “What was Norma Jeane feeling at this moment?” We desired to convey the human element of her narrative. Marilyn's fame made her the most visible person in the world, while Norma's fame rendered her the most invisible.

She elaborated on the plot of the film by stating, “The film follows her emotions and experiences. There are times when we are inside her body and mind, allowing the audience to experience what it was like to be Norma and Marilyn at the same time.

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