Amouranth Net Worth: Why She is Leaving Streaming?

Amouranth has amassed the majority of her following since 2020 and is one of the most well-known female streamers that participate in the Twitch “hot-tub” meta. On YouTube, the same phenomena has been visible.

Amouranth’s net worth, career, and a lot more will be covered in today’s article. So follow along with us till the article’s conclusion.

As of October 2022, Amouranth  has an estimated net worth of $4 million

Quick Facts About Amouranth

Name  Amouranth 
D.O.B December 2, 1993
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 4 in
Profession Content Creator, Online streamer, Entrepreneur, cosplay model
Net Worth $4 million

Amouranth’s Early Life

Amouranth was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States on December 2, 1993. Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, better known online as Amouranth, is a glamour model, a pornographic actress, a Twitch broadcaster, and a social media influencer.

Amouranth spent the majority of her childhood hours watching anime and playing video games. Her interest in cosplay and costume design was sparked by this.

Amouranth majored in fashion design and theatrical costume design at college. Her professor was compelled to promote her as a costume designer to the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet due to her abilities.

Let’s Talk About Her Amouranth’s Career

Cosplay Career of Amouranth

Since high school, Amouranth has been interested in cosplay and costume creation. She worked for several years at the Houston Grand Opera and House Ballet after finding initial popularity with her cosplays on Instagram.

Many claim that the majority of her Instagram posts contain explicit sexual content. The same is true of her YouTube cosplay videos and the majority of her other lifestyle-related films.

Amouranth Net Worth

Amouranth has been to a number of conventions and events centred around cosplay. Specifically, she visited the following conventions: Stan Lee’s Comic Con (2016), Victoria Comic-Con (2016), Delta-H-Con (2013–2015), Wizard World – Guangzhou, China (2015), Wizard World – Austin (2015), and the ComicPalooza (2017).

In 2015, Amouranth established a children’s entertainment business under her own name that offers cosplay/costume creation and public speaking services.

Her Twitch Career

Since the start of 2020, Amouranth has increased his or her Twitch following by about 1.5 million. This is partly as a result of her participation in the platform’s recently-exploding “hot-tub” meta. Controversies have dogged Amouranth’s Twitch career.

Amouranth Net Worth

Amouranth received his first ever three-day Twitch ban in September 2019 due to a “wardrobe malfunction.” Her most popular Twitch streams have typically been in the ASMR, “IRL,” or “Just Chatting” categories.


In March 2020, Amouranth was given a second Twitch ban for posting pornographic material. In a day, the prohibition on her was lifted. Amouranth was once more suspended from the platform for three days in May 2020. A viewer’s suggestive profile photo had been broadcast by the streamer.

Amouranth was one of several female Twitch streamers who were named in the June 2020 lawsuits for $25 million. She has a reputation for having a group consisting of “simps,” and as of the end of 2019, she had no more than 1.3 million followers. The past two years have been Amouranth’s most prosperous ones on Twitch. On the platform, she currently has about 2.8 million fans.

The You Tube Career of Amouranth

Amouranth has accumulated the majority of her 588k YouTube subscribers in the past year, just like her Twitch audience. Due to a laxer TOS than Twitch, Amouranth has never been suspended or banned from YouTube, unlike Twitch. On the network, she posts anything from suggestive lifestyle content to gaming videos.

In July 2020, Amouranth made an appearance on a podcast alongside Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon, Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta, and Dizzy Kitten, who are all female content makers.

What is the Net Worth of Amouranth?

As of October 2022, Amouranth’s net worth was projected by Sportskeeda to be about $4 million. She receives income from Twitch as well as various other endeavors she sought for.

Twitch chose to discontinue advertising her channel since the content was judged unsuitable for advertisers, and as a result, she lost some money from Twitch.

She makes money by leasing Circle K the gas station she purchased in November 2021. She also receives income from the business she acquired in January 2022 that makes inflatable pool toys.


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Income From Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Amouranth’s 2015-founded children’s entertainment firm accounts for a sizable portion of her income. Her work for the company is thought to have slowed down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It is unknown how much money she made from the children’s entertainment business. Amouranth is also thought to make about $40,000 each month from the sexual websites where she participates. This is equivalent to about $500,000 each year.

Money From Youtube

Amouranth consistently receives 2.5–3 million views on her YouTube videos each month, in addition to an additional 1–1.5 million views on her alternative ASMR YouTube channel. This should equate to roughly $10–15k per month, or $150–200k annually.

Earnings From Streaming on Twitch

Recently, Twitch stopped running ads on Amouranth‘s channel. The streamer admitted she is missing out on over $500k a month. Additionally, the streamer disclosed that she is negotiating with the platform to have the suspension lifted.

Amouranth is still able to make money on Twitch through subscriptions and contributions. She is anticipated to make between $50 and $100k in donations and subscriptions per year. Almost 21k people are now subscribed to her Twitch channel.

Amouranth Leaves the Streaming

Amouranth announced she was leaving Twitch after a few turbulent days that started with her emotionally tweeting about her husband’s alleged violence. She said, “Taking a break, not sure when I’ll be returning.”

She can be heard conversing on the phone with a man she believes to be her husband while he yells insults and obscenities at her in a Twitch feed that was posted earlier this week on Twitter.

Amouranth then accuses her husband of having financial power over her and threatens to murder her dogs if she doesn’t “leave the house.” But now, in the new stream, she described how the claimed abuse had been going on for a while, saying she was now “free.”

“I have hope for the future and am content to be free. She said, “I’m pleased the dogs are okay.

Final Words

Amouranth is able to command and influence a sizable portion of the gaming and streaming community thanks to her enormous social media and streaming site following.

It should come as no surprise that Amouranth, one of the biggest names in streaming, has a net worth of several million dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Amouranth Stream?

Amouranth is active on many different social networking sites, including a number of adult-oriented ones. She now only broadcasts live on Twitch, though.

Does Amouranth Have a Lot of Controversy?

Amouranth has experienced controversy throughout his career. She frequently faces accusations that she has posted sexually explicit material, and Twitch has banned her three times.

Amouranth is active on pornographic platforms and is known for her provocative and strong material. Amouranth is one of the most well-known female creators who has recently hosted a number of “hot-tub” streams.

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