What is Among Us VR: Release Date? Platforms, Trailer and More Updates!

A sleeper smash, Among Us did not achieve mainstream success until several years after its initial release. This straightforward social deduction game gained so much popularity so quickly because of certain well-known streams playing it that the creators decided to put the sequel on hold in order to improve the original title.

Even though it's not a sequel, Among Us VR will offer a fresh way to feel the anxiety of realizing one of your team members is a fake. As the name implies, this adds virtual reality to the 2D game in addition to bringing it into the third dimension.

That marks a significant shift in viewpoint and quickly livens up the gameplay. We've gathered all the details you need to know about Among Us VR if you're curious about what else might change and what specifics there are about how it will all operate.

Release Date: When Will It It Come?

Given how little time is remaining in the year, the release of Among Us VR will most likely occur around December during the 2022 holiday season.

Platforms of Among Us VR

The fact that Among Us VR is a VR-only game shouldn't come as a surprise. To play it, you'll need either the Meta Quest, Play station VR, or a VR headset that works with Steam (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index).

The ability to hide behind the visor of a crewmate or imposter may eventually be added to additional VR devices, but for the time being, these are your only choices.

Among Us VR: Trailer

The first scene of the trailer shows a yellow bean crew member pacing through a hallway before switching to a first-person viewpoint. Using brand-new VR motion controls, they walk up to a panel and begin the task. They hear two other crew members discussing as they pass by while it loads and turn to look at them.

In a scene from the teaser, all of the crew members are bickering and gesticulating with their disembodied arms but Yellow simply spins his fingers to appear innocent. When the action ends, everyone is fixed on yellow.

The pattern continues: Yellow performs a work, two others pass by, one is killed, and an ever-smaller gathering is held with suspicion levelled squarely at an unconcerned Yellow. It everything comes to a head when red enters and bites off Yellow's top half, turning him or her into a ghost.

Similar to Among Us, Among Us VR won't have its own story; instead, each match will focus on the stories you and your friends construct.

Gameplay of Among Us VR

The base of Among Us VR will be the same core gameplay as the original game, with noticeable modifications for virtual reality. As a crew member, you will continue to dash around the Skeld performing tasks while avoiding harm and attending meetings to attempt and identify the imposter(s).

The biggest changes will be moving to first person and employing motion controls. Your field of view will be far more constrained than it was in the original game, which you played from a third-person perspective, as can be seen in the trailer.

Among Us VR: Release Date

The ability to gaze away from your activity, however, is now more readily available by just rotating your head. All of the jobs we've seen require using motion controls to interact with panels, which will likely feel much more unique in practice than it does in the videos.

It won't stop imposters from sneaking via vents and sabotaging operations to sow strife among the crew members. In the trailer, a spying crewmate is shown peeking through a vent's slots by an imposter.

Finally, you will be able to use small hand movements during meetings to try and expose forgers or dispel your own suspicion. Even though it won't be much help if you've already been caught, it will give the game's main social aspect more life and personality.

Among Us VR: It Supports Multiplayer

Like the original game, Among Us VR is solely a multiplayer experience. Depending on your settings, it will support one or more imposters and anywhere between four and ten players.

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