American Idol Judges: Who Will Be the Judges for the Upcoming Season 20?

Is Katy Perry along with other 2 judges set to return for the new season 20 next year? Ryan, the host, is also ready to come back for the next season. What is the status of the latest season and who are the judges in it? Where to watch its American Idol Judges season 19? Is it available on Netflix or on another platform?

Let’s know about it by reading the article till the end. Let’s start with the brief introduction of this series.

American Idol: About

Firstly it is a reality tv show in which singers compete with each other and 1 will become the winner. Simply means it is a singing talent show which was created by Simon Fuller.

Fremantle North America and 19 Entertainment produced the series which runs for 22-104 minutes and its first and original season came in June 2002.

Before moving to ABC Network the series aired for Fox network for 15 seasons from 2002 to 2016. Basically the series is based on Pop Idol and this american show became one of the best and most watched shows on American tv.

American Idol Judges

The winner of the show is declared in the same manner like in some other singing shows with the help of text voting, internet and on the preferences based on their singing by the audiences or the public.

Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, Perry and even host Seacrest have made a deal to come back for the new season in 2022 which will be the season 20 of an American Idol.

It was said by Rob Mills who is the executive vp that these judges are the icons in music industry and “Their star power is unmatched, and their support is a gift to our contestants that have deeply benefited from their wisdom over the past four seasons — and they’re ready to do it again. As we begin a momentous season, I think it’s safe to say this dream team has officially cemented their legacy on Idol.”

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Who Are the Best 3 Judges of American Idol?

These are the three best judges according to reddit and these are Simon Cowell, who is the most popular judge of all the timeIs Chayce Beckham the Winner of American Idol 2021? and he does insult in a funniest way that’s why he is considered as the best judge of American Idol.

The 2nd best judge of all the seasons of an American Idol is Steven Tyler and along with this he has a good musician.

3 rd Judge among all is Harry Connick Jr.- He is known for his knowledge and his passion.

Is Chayce Beckham the Winner of American Idol 2021?

Yes, Chayce Beckham won the singing competition and became the winner of American Idol this year.

Who is the Richest American Idol Winner?

Carrie Underwood is the richest winner of an American Idol and she has a net worth of over $140 million as per the Celebrity net worth report.

American Idol Judges

Who are the top 3 American Idol Contestants in 2021?

Top 3 contestants are- Willie Spence from Douglas, GA.

Grace Kinstler from Lakewood, IL and the third one is winner Chayce Beckham from Apple Valley, CA.

Is Season 19 of American Idol Available on Hulu?

Yes, you can stream season 19 on Hulu if you have its subscription.

You can also watch this season on or watch the season live on abc whose running time is 8 p.m.

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Can I Watch the Latest Season of American Idol for Free?

Yes, you can watch it for free by 7 day free trial on Hulu and on FuboTv by taking its free trial.

Can You Gave Audition for the Upcoming Season From Anywhere?

Let’s check it is possible or not by seeing this video-

Grace Kinstler’s powerful voice-

Last Lines

These are the judges that will come back for the upcoming renewed season 20. Till then listen to the beautiful voices of these singers on abc or on hulu.

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