When Will Be American Horror Story Season 11 Released 2022?

American Horror Story Season 11: Hotel will be just as shocking as the other nine seasons, and fans can’t wait to see what creativity has in store for them. President John Landgraf describes Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchuk as “the undisputed rulers of horror television,” having “pioneered the anthological limited series with American Horror Story and maintained its domination as FX’s highest-rated series for over a decade.”

American Horror Story Season 11 should have confirmed the beautiful ideas they are fighting for. So, let’s take a look at the ahs season 11 release date and everything else.

American Horror Story Season 11 Plot

American Horror Story Season 11

Then, Murphy has already indicated a few potential upcoming concepts to his supporters. In an April 2021 Twitter poll, Murphy asked fans which of six possible American Horror Story season themes they were scrutinizing ahead of seeing. The suggested themes were aliens, Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens, and Plague. They are more plausible candidates for Season 11 than Aliens, who reappeared in Death Valley in Season 10.

Despite popular rumours that the show’s theme would incorporate sirens, Season 11 has the potential to return Red Tide to the sea. In American Horror Story: Asylum and American Horror Story: The Naughty List, Leigh Emerson’s Santa serial killer and Danny Trejo’s violent mall Santa both allude to the Christmas Horror theme.

Because of Ryan Murphy’s fascination with distorting urban legends in American Horror Stories episodes, Bloody Mary and AHS’s own Piggy Man are feasible choices.

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Adding Bloody Mary and Piggy Man to American Horror Story would allow the programme to better introduce a well-known code while also utilising the show’s strong female cast. The plague would be the most relevant for season 11 of American Horror Story, considering the COVID-19 pandemic scenario that Plague might research, similar to Cult in season 7.

American Horror Story Season 11 Episodes

American Horror Story Season 11

The amount of episodes in the upcoming season of American Horror Story is unclear. According to the expectations of the show’s fans, Season 11 will include between nine and thirteen episodes. The majority of the episodes of American Horror Story are between 11 and 13 minutes in duration.

However, the number of attacks has decreased in recent seasons. As a result, Season 11 may include fewer episodes than originally intended. However, it’s possible that the Corona Virus 2019 pandemic was to blame for Season 10’s lack of episodes. As a result, we can’t say how many episodes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY season 11 will be created.

Regulars like Evan Peters, who used to appear on American Horror Story on a regular basis, don’t seem to appear as frequently as they used to. Jessica Lange left the show after a few seasons, never to be seen again. Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, is typically tight-lipped about each American Horror Story topic, but in April 2021, he put the fans to the test by asking them what they want to see in the future.

Murphy polled followers on a range of potential themes, including Aliens, Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens, and Plague, in a now-deleted Twitter poll. Aliens were, after all, a significant part of season ten, so we don’t expect them to return anytime soon. But what about the other possibilities?

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Sirens and Bloody Mary were the final two choices, and they were the most popular. The only problem is that Ryan never said which option actually won the poll or, more importantly, whether the results will have any bearing on American Horror Story season 11.

American Horror Story Season 11 Cast

American Horror Story Season 11

The show’s eleventh season has yet to be confirmed. The cast of the eleventh season has yet to be revealed by FX. The cast of Cast AHS, on the other hand, has some exciting news to share with you today: Due to scheduling issues, it’s been reported that SARAH PAULSON would not return for Season 11. SARAH says she’d be thrilled to be a part of Season 11 even if Murphy doesn’t approach her. The following characters are anticipated to appear in Season 11:

  • Leslie Grosman is a writer who lives in Los Angeles.
  • Rabe, Lily
  • Cody Ferd is a character in the film Cody Ferd
  • BillMurphy

Because cast members have yet to be disclosed, these are speculative estimates.

American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date

Since the premiere of season 10 in August of 2021, fans have been anticipating season 11. However, there is no official date has been set for the release of Season 11. After ten successful seasons, the series was renewed for three more seasons in January 2020, however, no official announcement was made. We can observe that the majority of episodes of American Horror Story are released in October or November.

Since the previous season, COVID 19, fans had been anticipating the release of DOUBLE FEATURE, which was released in August. We can probably expect the 11th season to debut in the October of 2022.

The series has already been revived for three more seasons, so we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of more. To put it another way, we must maintain our optimism while simultaneously exercising patience.

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The way through which creator Ryan Murphy selects this season’s topic contributes to fans’ concern. In April 2021, Murphy sent out a tweet asking followers whether they wanted to hear about new plots. In the tweet, the phrase “Expanding the Universe” was included, hinting that what was to come would not be addressed in earlier stories.

It’s constantly in demand for a simple way for fans to catch up on all of a show’s seasons and episodes. It is always better and more convenient for fans to have a location where they can easily locate the event without having to pay anything.


While the inner-show timeline of American Horror Story is a jumble, the series’ on-air release schedule has stayed relatively consistent throughout its decade-long run.

Until season nine, each year a new story debuted around September or October, with the scary (or occasionally just plain confusing) finale airing just before Christmas.
As a result, if nothing else goes wrong, production should continue on this path, and season 11 of American Horror Story will most likely premiere in October 2022.