American Gods Season 3: Exact Release|Cast| Plot And More

Do you love watching the war between the Old God, who is full of myths, and the New God, the god of technology and globalized society? I know you love the conflict between them that’s why you are here with us 🙂 In this, we are going to tell you everything, you need to know about American Gods Season 3.

Starting with this dialogue of the American Gods-

“There’s never been a true war that wasn’t fought between two sets of people who were certain they were in the right. …

American Gods Season 3

The New installment of the American God is based on the Novel of  Neil Gaiman. Season 3 will have ten episodes. Stars of season 3 are Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Yetide Badaki Bruce Langley, and other supporting actors are Demore Barnes And Ian McShane.

Season three follows the story of Shadow Moon, who went to the Lakeside. Have you seen the previous season? If no, then you need to check the story to better understand season three.

In this article, we have tried to cover a short description of season one and season two for our readers, hope you find this article informative 🙂

Be with us till the end to know the exact information, Now talking about the American Gods three release dates.

American Gods Season 3 Release Date

This is the good news for God’s fans, the dates arrive on the production table. Isn’t it good news? Well, the release date of American Gods Season three is January 10, 2021. Now, you must be thinking where to watch the new installment, then no worries below we have covered that as well 🙂

Where To Watch American Gods Season 3?

As stated above the series going to release on Sunday, January 10 in 2021. It is going to be premiere on ET! at 8’O clock and also the series is airing on Amazon Prime but before Amazon, it will airs on ET.

The release date is a little bit far right? But watching web series is love, you should find an alternate for this that will make your day full of adventure and thrill not of boredness.

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American Gods Season 3 Cast

Want to know the star cast of the American Gods three. We have mentioned the stars of this fantasy-drama below.

  • Ricky Whittle.
  • Emily Browning.
  • Yetide Badaki.
  • Bruce Langley.
  • Omid Abtahi.
  • Demore Barnes.
  • Ian McShane.
  • Ashley Reyes

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American Gods Season 1 Episode 3

This is the very first season of the American Gods which is based on the Novel of Neil Gaiman. Season one has about eight episodes. The story starts when Shadow Moon, who is the ancient God was in prison. He killed his wife by giving poison to her. After he releases from prison, he met the new God who is the god of society and technology.

Season one is a major hit, it has a good number of positive reviews from the critics. The rotten tomato has given the series about 92% from it’s Tomatometer.

American Gods Season 2 Episode 3

The season second is also based on the fantasy novel of Neil Gaiman. Season 2 has about 8 episodes. It will air on March 10 and continues till April 28, 2019. The series stars star cast of Ricky Whittle, Emily BrowningCrispin Glover, and Ian McShane.

Season second follows up the story of Shadow Moon who is an ex-convict. He is the right hand for Mr.Wednesday and his bodyguard too. Mr. Wednesday, have you heard about who he is?

Mr.Wednesday is an old god he is in a conflict between the new gods which laters turns into a great war because these old Gods are from the ancient periods and belie mythology whereas the new ones are a bit technical and globalized.

“Isn’t the story is a bit realistic excepting the god and including our old age civilized people and our new generation kids, they both have the same mindset as the gods have, I am Right?”

Do you want to know more about it, then what about a video? Have a look at this, I am sure you are going to love this.

American Gods – IMDB Ratings And User Reviews

This Mystery drama fantasy has got about 7.8 stars out of 10. Tell me is it good according to you? Also, do you want to check how users reacted after watching the American Gods, then continue reading, below are the user’s reactions, they are not happy with this mystery-drama, Do you know why?

From First to Worst!

“Season 1 was excellent, with great character development, cinematography, and storyline development. I’m 1/2 way through Season 2 and it’s turned into nothing more than someone’s slanted view on social injustice. What a shame. The book is so good. Not even going to bother watching the rest. DONE and Disappointed.”
Season 2: colossal disappointment
“The first season was spectacular, couldn’t wait for the next. Unfortunately, it is incredibly slow, the episodes are very boring, and what has become the best part (Mad Sweeney & Dead Wife) of the show this season are barely shown. Keep this up and they’ll lose many viewers.”
They will not recover after season2
“I understand the concepts about setting up a show but this is the biggest waste of a season on such talented actors they might as well cancel the show season three would have to be mind-blowing right out of the gate for me to watch it again this is a whole lot about a whole Lotta nothing what a shame the writers are atrocious. Sad actually.”
So, what do you think? Have you seen this series before, if yes then also share your reviews with us and other users in our comment section 🙂
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American Gods Season 3

 Trailer American Gods Season 3

Here is the first look of the Gods Season 3 but many viewers are not happy with this some of them are Missing Nancy stating that- I miss Mr. Nancy and your hair is dumb. That is all.

Tell us in our comment section, are you missing Nancy and her dumb hairs too.


As stated above the series going to release on Sunday, January 10 in 2021. It is going to be premiere on ET! at 8’O clock and also the series is airing on Amazon Prime but before Amazon, it will airs on ET.

We have tried to add complete information in this article, but if you still have any query then ask us in our comment section below, we would love to clear your queries 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-When does American God Season 3 starts?

According to the producers, an update was given in March 2019 that the series is renewed for season 3. Season 3 will have ten episodes. The production of season 3 also begins in the same year of the update the creators were planning to release the series in the summer.

Q-Who make American God?

A-Neil Gaiman is the creator of the show, American Gods. He is an author used to write English comics, Books, series, novels. Gaiman’s wrote are one of the major hits just look at the American God people are crazy about this.

Q-What is American Gods Book?

A-American God book is a fantasy novel that is written by Neil Gaiman. The Novel is a complete mix of mythology and trends of our modern society.

Q-Who is the showrunner of American Gods Season 3?

A-Charles “Chic” Eglee is the runner up of the American Gods written by Neil Gaiman. They are together working for season three so that it will airs on the screens again for its lovely viewers.