Ambulance Action-Thriller Movie 2022 Produced By Michael Bay Review!

Ambulance: With a few important alterations, “Ambulance” is a remake of the 2005 Danish film “Ambulancen.” Both stories revolve around brothers who resort to bank robbery in order to pay for a relative’s medical expenses.

The recipient, however, is changed from a dying mother to a sick wife, intensifying the rivalry between career criminal Danny Sharp (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his adopted sibling, struggling veteran Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II).

Even when such values cease to make any logical sense, Bay’s universe is one of good folks with principles and terrible guys without. It’s not about making sense, though. It’s all about enormous, rumbling emotions.

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Ambulance and Ambulancen


The next heist in both films goes tragically wrong, prompting the duo to hijack an ambulance as a getaway vehicle/camouflage to avoid the police cruisers, SWAT vehicles, and surveillance trucks encircling the bank. However, in Bay’s version, the poor sap dying in the back of the stolen ambulance is a wounded cop, not an ordinary heart sufferer.

(What, you didn’t figure this story would have badge worship?) And, although “Ambulance” is a tight 80 minutes, “Ambulance” is a leisurely 136 minutes.

That’s not to say that watching “Ambulance” is a comfortable experience. The film begins with an emotionally seductive sequence, roving over medical bills and medicine bottles bathed in the same golden light that bathes Will’s saintly wife Amy (Moses Ingram) as she cradles their newborn child. Amy’s cancer diagnosis has put a strain on the couple’s finances.

As a result, Will grudgingly reconnects with his flashy, flamboyant brother in order to borrow money for Amy’s imminent operation. But Danny, who Gyllenhaal plays as though he eats Red Bull and cocaine for breakfast every day, goes one step further: How about an $8 million payday to pacify the insurance companies instead of a few hundred thousand dollars?

Ambulance Action-Thriller Movie Review



In the latest action-thriller Ambulance, an armed heist goes horribly wrong. Michael Bay’s long career of quick-cut, stylized action films continues with a mid-budget thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as two brothers who heist a bank and flee in an ambulance, which will be released exclusively in theatres.

This is a genre of film that we don’t see very often these days, but Moonfall, The Outfit, and Marry Me have all been nice surprises in 2022. Fortunately, this is a fantastic addition to the year’s expanding number of exciting films featuring exceptional performances.

Every economically successful film these days is either a large superhero blockbuster, a sequel, or a remake. People buying tickets to this picture will likely be unaware that it is an American remake of an obscure 2005 Danish film.

Instead, people will buy tickets for this film because they saw huge, loud entertainment with Gyllenhaal’s magnificent beard front and center in the trailers. This film delivers on everything it promises in the trailer and more, giving viewers a cinematic experience unlike any other.

Ambulance opens with the emotional centre of the picture and the protagonist’s aim, rather than the usual bombastic Bayhem. A military veteran named Will Sharp (Abdul-Mateen) spends his days on the phone with medical businesses. His wife need surgery that he cannot afford, and they have a young boy together. This inspires Will to join his adoptive brother, Danny, in an armed heist (Gyllenhaal).

While Will’s performance is restrained and empathetic, Danny is a wild cannon who is eager to go to any length to get the job done. This mismatched pair has chemistry and works well together at times, but their differences cause stress.

Ambulance: Michael Bay at His Best


Michael Bay has a long history of being obsessed with military heroes and intriguing crooks. In practically every frame, they collide. Will Sharp (Abdul-Mateen), like the villains in The Rock, is a Marine who has fallen on hard times and has been betrayed by the country he fought for with his life.

Desperate for cash, he turns to his handsome but ruthless brother Danny Sharp (Gyllenhaal), who quickly sets him up on a seemingly simple bank heist. In a Bay film, though, even cakes explode.

The LA-born-and-raised brothers hijack an ambulance containing a severely injured cop (Jackson White) and a gutsy EMT who takes no nonsense (Eiza González) and take to the streets to evade a flood of cops, snipers, and FBI agents who are all out to bring them down.

The entire fleet of crooks and cops is loaded with colourful characters, many of whom are performed by engaging character actors, in a true Bay manner. Olivia Stambouliah as a sharp-tongued lieutenant with a nasty mind and Garret Dillahunt as a police captain whose love for sass is only surpassed by his love for his giant gassy mastiff (played by the director’s beloved dog, Nitro Zeus) are both standouts in Ambulance.

That’s one of Bay’s quirks. He can mix tremendous drama with serious themes of fraternity and treachery, as well as snarling action men, yet he never loses his sense of humour. Cops vs. feds power battles are shown as exhilaratingly irreverent dick-measuring competitions.

His featured fraternity will take a break from a life-or-death quest to sing along to a classic slow jam. These scenes not only give us a chance to catch our breath in the midst of all the action, but they also breathe new life into stock characters we’ve seen before, from the rookie cop to the tough woman to the crook with a code of honour.

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The absurdity of this film is evident. This film contains unbelievable happenings and hilariously silly moments, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

The ambulance is a film that you should watch with a big tub of buttered popcorn. It stars Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Hollywood’s newest discovery Abdul-Mateen, and it’s set in L.A. Bay. The thrilling, action-packed spectacle will have your heart pumping, and the outstanding sound design will make your ears tremble.

A score of 8 equals “Great,” according to ComingSoon’s review guidelines. While there are a few small flaws, this grade indicates that the art achieves its aim and leaves a lasting impression.