Alternative, Unrated Films That Are Far Better Than the Original

Cinema can be perceived and imagined in an infinite number of ways. As a result, government regulation of what can be portrayed in the media has a long history.

Since 1968, movies released in the United States have adhered to the Motion Picture Association’s stringent criteria and rating system (formerly the Motion Pictures Association of America).

The MPA criteria, which range from the all-ages ‘G’ rating to the adult-only ‘NC-17,’ assist families in making the correct viewing decision. Prior to the existence of film rating standards, however, there has been debate on government-imposed censorship.

Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

Originally published in two volumes, “Kill Bill” is a connected narrative about a woman’s quest for vengeance against a team of lethal killers. The martial arts film genre is renowned for its stylish themes and brutal violence.

Alternative, Unrated Films That Are Far Better Than the Original

The mythos surrounding “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair” is however only known to the most devoted fans of Quentin Tarantino’s classics. Existing but never officially published on home media is a single cut of “Kill Bill” that combines both volumes into a single film intended by Tarantino. the film, “The Whole Bloody Affair” also features an animated backstory of O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu).

Watchmen: Ultimate Cut

Zack Snyder is by far the most famous director to ever deliver a director’s cut, receiving $70 million to complete “Justice League” according to his initial vision.

Alternative, Unrated Films That Are Far Better Than the Original

However, this was not the first time that Snyder had to re-edit a superhero film. With a budget of almost $130 million, “Watchmen” was the most expensive film ever produced. Despite a two-hour runtime and critical polarisation, the subversive superhero film was unable to generate a considerable box office profit (per Reuters).

Straight Outta Compton: Unrated Cut

The ‘R-rate movie “Straight Outta Compton” tells the biography of the famed rap group N.W.A. It delves deeply into the challenges of the musicians’ life while addressing the racial issues that plagued southern Los Angeles during their ascent to fame.

The fact that there was a real-life drive-by shooting on the film’s set accentuates the film’s gang-ridden, violent tone (per XXL Magazine). It is difficult to see how the picture could be cut any better, given its critical and financial success and historical accuracy.

Alternative, Unrated Films That Are Far Better Than the Original

In addition to prolonging the musical performances, the added film covers a number of the characters’ romantic connections, particularly those of Eazy-E, who receives the most traction in the director’s cut. For those who appreciated the investigation of this pioneering West Coast rap ensemble, the additional thirty minutes only enhances the film.

Live Free or Die Hard: Unrated Edition

The five-film “Die Strong” franchise, based on the 1988 American hit “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis, is a compilation of hard action, grittier violence, and profanity.

Alternative, Unrated Films That Are Far Better Than the Original

The series follows recalcitrant New York City Police investigator John McClane as he confronts mercenaries, kidnappers, and overconfident masterminds. Numerous stupid one-liners and extreme gun violence serve as the franchise’s main themes.

However, when it came time to release “Live Free or Die Hard” in 2007, many of the adult themes were toned down, making it the first and only film in the series to launch without an “R” rating (and the rationale for this being the chance of a higher box revenue).

The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Unrated

It has practically become the norm for every new, high-budget comedy to provide an unrated version with their home media releases, frequently indicating (if not directly guaranteeing) more explicit language and sexual content.

Numerous instances exist, such as fan favorites “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and “The Hangover.” However, the majority of these “unrated” changes have no effect on the plot or tone of the picture and typically entail the substitution of alternative jokes and pieces.

Alternative, Unrated Films That Are Far Better Than the Original

The unrated version of Apatow’s 2005 film has an additional 17 minutes of video, pushing the total running time to almost two hours. The DVD version has five additional sequences, including a nudity-laden dream sequence and Paula (Jane Lynch) attempting to get marijuana from her employees.

Since the theatrical version of the film has already been criticized for being too long, the expanded version is reserved for the most devoted fans. Nonetheless, the additional laughter makes this already endearingly vulgar film much better.