Alright Now 2018 movie: Official Trailer | Release Date | Cast | Interview | Where to Watch | Ratings and Review!

Alright Now or we can also say Songbird is a movie about a rock singer which is somewhat a comedy film written and directed by Jamie Adams. This 2018 British movie was improvised and Cobie Smulders, Richard Ellis and Jessica Hynes are the main stars of the movie which is a five days course shot.

The story revolves around a rock singer who moves to take admission in a University after breaking up with her boyfriend and leaving her music band when it splits. In University she again decides to start her career and give a new start.

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Alright Now Official Trailer Cobie Smulders Movie

Release Date of Alright Now

Alright Now premiered on September 7, 2018 in the United States but in selected theatres and on Video Demand.

Cast of Alright NowAlright Now

These are the main cast of the movie who plays these roles in the Alright Movie-

  • Cobie Smulders as Joanne Skye
  • Richard Elis as Pete
  • Jessica Hynes as Sara
  • Laura Patch as Kelly
  • Daisy Haggard as Olivia
  • Emily Atack as Mandy
  • Noel Clarke as Larry
  • Holli Dempsey as Tara
  • Mandeep Dhillon as Susie
  • Tara Lee as Hannah

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Interview with Cobie Smulders

What gives Cobie Smulders to make a film which is completely Improvised? What she said?

She said Cardiff is definitely a crazy town which is the reason why she take the project and it be like “It’s only five days, it’s completely improvised and shoots in Cardiff, England.” Cobie Smulders is like “this is going to be such an amazing Challenge”.

Alright Now

As she is terrified and the director, James Adams is also a great person so she decided to do the film.

It is good in that they all are able to do things in their own manner and figure it out, from time to time and she is so amazed with the things in the movie. In this industry it is one of the favourite experience she had and she love to work in this Alright Now.

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Ratings and Reviews of Alright Now

4.3 out of 10 rating is given to Alright Now movie on IMDb and these are the user reviews on IMDb.

There are both mix user reviews on this Alright Now or Songbird movie as some said that have to love indie indie cinema, it is good movie and easy going having funny cast with a pinch of salt kind humour and the the user loves it while negative reviews to this are as it the laziest movie of 2018 and it tough to watch as there is no chemistry, no depth and the story was cringey.

Alright now

On Rotten Tomatoes, Alright Now is given 67% Tomatometer and 32% Audience Poll from which one critic reviews is “Alright Now is actually not Alright” while other said that it is truly remarkable performance by Cobie Smulders.

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Where to Watch Alright Now

You can currently watch Alright Now or Songbird Cobie Smulders movie on-

  • Tubi for free
  • Vudu
  • Youtube
  • Google Play Music
  • Peacock for free
  • Apple TV

Last Lines

Alright Now is a good movie and if you not watch it then you can go watch it or you can also watch given below movies.

There are many movies available for you as many people also search for this-

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  • Wild Honey Pie
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  • Bad Apples

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