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Around 8 out of 10 – that’s the IMDb rating of Alone season 6. Interestingly, Alone season 6’s episodes 11 fire and ice got 8.9 rating. But, I know, why are you here?

You might be here because you want to know about the winner of season 6, what alone contestants get paid and has anyone of alone ever died?

If yes, you are on the right page. Today, in this article, we are going to cover everything that relates to Alone Season 6

  • Alone is an American reality television series .
  • The executive producers are Russ McCarroll , Zachary Behr , David George , Shawn Witt , Zachary Green , Ryan Pender.
  • The country of origin is the United States.
  • The Production company is Leftfield Pictures.
  • The original network is History channel.
  • The sixth season first aired on June 6, 2019 and last aired on August 22,2019.
  • It consists of 11 episodes.

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Who won Alone season 6?

Alone Season 6

Jordan Jones won season 6. He was full of joy and excitement and stood straight in front of all problems.

Do Alone contestants get paid?

Yes they do get paid. They did not specify to the public how much but it was about $1000 per week till they have their appearance on the show.

Has anyone on Alone died?

No one has ever died on this show. If so had happened in any of the seasons, the show wouldn’t have continued further to premiere on television.

List of Contestants with Their Bio Information.

Alone Season 6

  • Tim Backus – Hunting Guide from Lubbock, TX (Age 55)
  • Donny Dust – Primitive Technology Instructor from Monument, CO (Age 38)
  • Nathan Donnelly – Disaster Preparedness Instructor (Age 39)
  • Ray Livingston – Search and Rescue K9 Handler from Vancouver (Age 43)
  • Barry Karcher – Self Defense Instructor from Fort Collins (Age 39 )
  • Michelle Wohlberg – Homesteader from Mullingar, Saskatchewan, Canada (Age 31)
  • Woniya Thibeault – Ancestral Skills Teacher from Grass Valley, CA (Age 42)
  • Brady Nicholls – SERE Instructor from San Antonio, TX (Age 36)

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All about Alone Season 6:

Alone Season 6

In season 6, the playing contestants are left alone at the shores of Great Slave Lake. They are left so far away from one another that they cannot find each other in any state. They state this show process in mid autumn, as the winter is soon to come and survival will get difficult. To survive they need food which will be difficult to find in such a season.

The places where they are left are pretty far and have similar resources to avoid any differences between them. 

Before it begins, all the contestants are given a list of 40 and they have to choose 10 items from them as their kit for survival, also they are issued a standard equipment kit, clothing, first aid and emergency supplies. They also provide cameras to record their experience. They are attempting to live in the wild for as long as possible and find all the basic necessities like food and shelter. 

All the contestants who fail to do so, can give up and get out of the competition, they can contact the rescue team to get them out through a satellite telephone. 

Also, medical professionals keep an eye on all the contestants if they are disqualified or evacuated because of their health as they cannot continue in that condition. 

The contestant who stays for the longest time without tapping out or getting rescued by the medical team is the winner and will get the cash prize of $500,000. Contestants are pre warned that the show may last a year. 

Alone Season 6 – Official Trailer

We have mentioned the official trailer of Alone Season 6 , watch it and treasure your recollections with us. Just watch the trailer given below.

Where Can We Stream Alone Season 6 ?

If you want to watch Alone Season 6” then you can simply watch it on Amazon Prime

Rather than this, I don’t think there are such good platforms to stream the movie.

Alone Ratings:

Alone , Reviews 2019 series

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Winding up:

I hope you understand all the things that I have mentioned above in this article. So, just watch the series and enjoy.

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