All You Need to Know about Disenchantment Season 2/ Part 3


Animation, action and adventure – If you love this, you might watch Disenchantment tv series which is also an American fantasy anime comedy series. It is created by Matt Groening on the order of Netflix. The series shows the medieval fantasy land and it revolved around the life of the main character, Bean and her companions Elfo and Luci.

Bean is the teenage princess of dreamland and a very rebellious and hard drinker. Luci is the personal demon of the Bean who came from hell and Elfo, a friend of the bean, is the warm-hearted elf who came from Elfwood.


The series shows the rebels of the princess against his royal family and the adventures undertaken by the trio. Season 1 consists of 2 parts and each has 10 episodes. Part 1st of the show was aired on Netflix in August 2018 while part 2nd came in September 2019.

Now the Fans are desperately waiting for season 2 or part 3 of the show, whatever you would like to call it.

Just like Disenchantment, violet evergarden season 2 is also anime series with a unique plot.


Disenchantment Season 2 (Part 3) Release date-

Netflix renewed it's Season 2 in October 2018. It will likely hit the screen somewhere at the end of 2020. We got this information from the official tweet:

“Don't mess with mommy. Disenchantment Part 3 coming in 2020.”

Disenchantment season 2/ Part 3 Trailer/ First Look

Sooner or later, we are going to see full movie of Disenchantment season 3 because we are already in the ending of 2020. We are just waiting for the official update.

However, Here is part 3 announcement of Netflix officially

Disenchantment season 2 Plot | What will be happen in Season 2?

We saw in season one (part1+part2) that Bean's wedding was canceled after the death of her fiance and bean was forced to marry the younger brother of her fiance. Luci and Elfo saved her. The trio i.e. Bean, Elfo, and Luci came together and undertook adventures.

Later on, we saw the Elfo died and Bean had to choose who she wants to bring back to life. Bean chooses her mother over Elfo. Later we saw, her mother was a wicked lady and turned the dreamland into stone and tricked bean to come with her on the ship with strange creatures.

Many questions left unanswered in season 2 which are required to disclose in season 2.

What exactly the evil secret society wishes, who are the strange mole creatures and why are they working for Dagmar? What queen Dagmar up to? Where will beans fate take her?

The mystery of the origin of the Elfo also remained unsolved. Before the death of Elfo, Elfo came to know that he was an only half-elf. We came to know that his mother was not an elf. The show has still not disclosed his mother's identity. Hopefully, we will see his mother's identity in season 2.

Disenchantment season 2 Cast

We can not expect the maker of the show without the princess Bean and her two companions, Luci and Elf.

We may further see King Zøg as Bean's father, Bean's mother Queen Dagmar, and Bean's stepmother Queen Oona and her half-brother Prince Derek.

IMDB Rating Disenchantment

Whenever people decide to watch something they will always prefer to watch the show having high ratings. IMDB ratings help the viewers to choose the right show or movies to spend time in. Disenchantment has a good IMDB rating of i.e. 7.2 which makes it worth watching.

Famous Dialogues from Disenchantment-

Some of the memorable dialogues from season 1 are –

“Oh, floor, you're always there for me. So supportive. Not like walls and staircases, always getting in my way.” – Bean

“All this wedding hassle for a stupid political alliance? I thought that I'd get married for true love, or because I was wasted.” -Bean

“I wanna taste something other than sweetness. I wanna cry salty tears, learn bitter truths. I wanna take a big, meaty bite out of life and dip it in mustard.” – Elfo

“I'd rather die a big death than live a small life.”-Elfo

“Maybe reality is the dream and dreams are reality. You ever think about that?” – Luci

“Some might say her cries for help were a cry for help, but I think she was just being an attention hog” – Luci

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FAQs Related to Disenchantment season 2

Why Disenchantment disappointed Matt Groening fans?

His fans are disappointed because of the different writing skills adopted by the writer. The viewers expected the series to be like Simpsons and Futurama sitcom in which each episode of the show ends within 25 mins and one episode exists independent of the other. The disenchantment is more of the series kind. Here a plot unfolds gradually as the series progresses.

Is Elfo dead?

In the first season, we saw that Elfo was wounded by the arrow and it seemed he was dead. During his funeral, his body slipped into the sea. In the later scene, we saw someone dragged the Elfo from the seas. Who was that creature? Is that creature related to his mother? Well, we are not sure but in Episode 2, we saw a place call mermaid island in season 1, and probably he was saved by the mermaid. We expect Elfo will know about his mother though that creature in the upcoming season.

Who took Luci?

After Queen Dagmar attacked the Dreamland, we saw Luci saying to himself that he be the one killing every one. He then entered into the room where to his surprise an unseen enemy was waiting for him. Luci was aware of the enemy and later we hear a sound and did not see what happened to Luci.

Who was that enemy?

Well, we may likely to expect exorcist Big Jo, an old enemy of Luci. In episode 3, we saw, he threw Luci in the Volcano and tried to kill him but fortunately, Luci was saved and he ended up in the volcano and lost his arm. In episode 8, He returned to take revenge and wanted the Eternity Pendenadt but he was again overpowered by Luci, and this time he was burnt alive. Big Jo was saved from the volcano and we expect that this time also he was saved and came back to take revenge from Luci.

Final Verdict

It is a great anime series for an anime lover. It has beautiful scenes, a unique plot, and interesting characters. It has a 7.9 IMDb rating for its 1st season, which makes its second season worth watching. Though some of its episodes are a little boring and seemingly aimless overall it is a great series and we hope that season 2 will join the threads of unsolved mysteries. Stay tuned for more updates.