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All of Us Are Dead Season 3 Release Date: Makers Has Confirm About Renewal of the Show

In addition to walking dead, All of us are dead is a popular web series showcasing a zombie apocalypse that has captured the interest of viewers. This series and the squid game have given K-drama a new dimension that has been highly received by fans throughout the world.

Due to the eerie nature of the series, people have been going insane We’ve all been dead for quite some time. If you are also interested in the All of us are dead season 3 then you must continue reading this post because we will reveal everything you need to know about it.

Release Date of All of Us Are Dead Season 3

The All of Us Are Dead Season 2 has not yet been confirmed. As for forecasts, nothing can be stated until the final episode is released by the end of 2024. This area will be updated and you will be notified as soon as a relevant update becomes available.

All of the creators’ and Netflix’s announcements hint at the probability that the production of this series is nearing completion. Even though the official release date of the series has not yet been confirmed, fans may breathe a sigh of relief because the series has been renewed, which also suggests that a new season is imminent. Every crew member’s words and assertions lend credence to the idea that the series may not end so quickly.

Where to Watch All of Us Are Dead?

There are numerous reasons to watch this series if you enjoy horror stuff or zombie apocalypse stories. Fans of The Walking Dead should absolutely check out this series.

The technique employed to portray this series is wonderful, and the actors have also done an excellent job. It is a certainty that this series will have you on the edge of your seat. The entire first season of All of us are dead is available on Netflix worldwide.

All of Us Are Dead Season 3 Release Date: Makers Has Confirm About Renewal of the Show

The Plot of All of Us Are Dead

A Korean high school’s students were having a normal school day until a student returned from the science lab with an undisclosed sickness. As the sickness spreads from the school to the entire peninsula, the military is interrogating the science teacher who started it, while his children are left to fend for themselves until help arrives.

The Cast Members of All of Us Are Dead Season 3

This show’s casting director has done an excellent job. He cast the most talented actors and actresses in his productions. In addition, the actors performed admirably.

Despite the fact that the show’s return has not been formally confirmed, we can likely expect the same cast when it returns in the future. We shall include some intriguing characters from this episode along with the actors who portray them.

This Production comprises a number of renowned and outstanding actors, including:

All of Us Are Dead Season 3 Release Date: Makers Has Confirm About Renewal of the Show

  • Ji-hu Park portrays Nam On-jo.
  • Chan-Young Yoon performs Lee Cheong-san.
  • Park Solomon features Lee Su-hyeok.
  • Jeon Bae-soo represents Nam So-ju.
  • In-soo Yoo presents Yoon Gwi-Nam.
  • Sang-Yeon Son plays Jang Woo-jin.
  • Harrison Xu plays Chung-san.

What can we expect from All of us are dead Season 3?

According to the creator and director of All of us are dead, the third season of the series will focus on the survival of zombies. Where he also stated that several new directions and scenarios, such as different types of zombies, were created on purpose to lengthen the plot.

What we can anticipate All of us are dead Season 3 of Vinod ended with the death of every character in the first season. Aside from this, we know that Nam-brain Ra’s manipulates the virus to her benefit, but given her need for blood persists, we may expect season 3 to delve further into the danger she poses. Season 3 may possibly concentrate on the global or Japanese proliferation of this pathogen.


Based on the current news, we can say with perfect certainty that the new season of the series will be an absolute knockout. Thus, you must prepare for all the edging this series will deliver. We will keep you informed of all series-related news, so you can opt to follow us for additional updates.