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Trailer of All Light Will End Official Trailer

How would you feel when nightmares of childhood come to happen in real life and so many years later? Are you frightened if this happens to you after so long a time?

Now comes to the All Light Will End movie in which a young writer writes the scariest horror novel in history who is in her mid 20’s. She writes about her terrible incidents and things which she sees in her childhood.

Let’s start discussing the movie and in the beginning of the movie you see the girl is terrified of lightning and thunder and some creatures are near her. Her mother tells that it was just her imagination and no monster-like creatures are close to her and when she grows up she writes a novel which is based on her childhood experience.

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She and her boyfriend lives together and there she writes about her experience as her mother committed suicide in the past and she not lives with her father.

Her boyfriend convinced her to solve the problems with her dad while she was invited to her brother’s graduation. Chris Blake directed the movie and it was released on March 24, 2018.

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Cast and Characters of All Light Will End

All Light Will End

These are the members of the cast who performed in this thriller, mystery and horror movie. Savannah is the main protagonist in this thriller film.

  • Ashley Pereira as Savannah
  • Alexandra Harris as Faith
  • Sam Jones III as Adam
  • Sarah Butler as Diana
  • Andy Buckley as Chief David
  • John Schuck as The Psychiatrist
  • Ted Welch as Jack
  • Graham Outerbridge as Paul
  • Michael James Thomas as Leeland
  • Katie Garfield as Kelly Rae
  • Rich Redmond as Chris Issac
  • Aaron Munoz as Stache
  • Briana Tedesco as Young Savannah
  • Iain Tucker as The Lineman Brothers
  • Bill Billions as Bill

All light will End Spoiler

All Light Will End

When we are introducing the girl in the movie we also showed some incidents of her childhood where she sees monsters and there are some body parts which are found in the woods.

In the movie cops didn’t show much interest in the body parts to investigate properly and they didn’t take pictures of the body. They are doing in a fast way to rush off to the next emergency by not collecting evidence.

There is similar things happened 20 years ago and it comes to know but not clearly explained that her Mom didn’t commit suicide and she has been killed off by her daughter for being a sadistic mother and Chief of Police is Writer Girl’s dad in the scene. So She has a dark secret which comes to be true in her life.

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Where to Watch All Light will End

This thriller and horror movie all light will end is available on-

  • On Tubi you can watch it for free.
  • It is also free on Vudu.
  • And with little payment on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Youtube
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • And on Apple TV.

Ratings and Reviews of All Light Will End Film-

All Light will End

This thriller movie got 3.9 ratings on the IMDB link which is so bad for the movie but it is a good one and they could make it better by changing a few scenes.

The movie got both mix reviews on the IMDB and some reviews of the users are here and these are the movie will keeps engaged you till the end and it is slow burn worth watching movie, another user said that if you are looking for the thriller movie then it is also a good one to watch as it provides a dark twist of childhood nightmares.

The movie is thriller but not horror and along with this the movie also consists of some negative user reviews like the main actress acting is so sad and the storyline is executed poorly, others said that it is completely boring with terrible execution but with a core decent concept.

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And On Rotten Tomatoes there is 67% audience score with 100+ ratings on this horror, thriller and mystery movie by Chris Blake.

Is All Light Will End Scary?

Yes, it is a horror thriller movie with frightening incidents and characters.

Who Plays Savannah in ‘All Light Will End’?

Ashley Pereira plays the role of novelist Savannah in this horror movie.

Last Lines

All Light Will End is a good movie about a young girl author who is hiding a secret and is haunted and tortured by her past.

Ratings on the given movie is low but you can still watch it as many users loved the movie plot and you may also search many other thriller movies to watch on google and even on and enjoy your day by watching latest animes and webseries.

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