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Collin Schiffli, this movie is sad but interesting to watch and can touch your heart as it clears from the tagline that you can run from the past but not from the truth which also seems to be in our life.

We all want to run from the past by not accepting the truth and sometimes feel happy to live in that but one day we all have to face the truth which is somewhat bitter and we can’t run from truth which is definitely happens in everyone life.

American Film, All Creatures Here Below is a 2018 drama movie of Ruby and Gensan which was directed by Collin Schiffli and David Dastmalchian writes it.

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Under the banner of Planeo Films it was produced by Nacho Arenas, Amy Greene and Chris Stinson and main lead by Karen Gillan, David Koechner, John Doe and Jennifer Morrison.

All Creatures Here Below Released Date.

The film first premiered on October 18, 2018 at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival (DTLAFF) and then on May 17, 2019 it was released in the United States by Samuel Goldwyn Films in theatres. The movie is released in English language which runs for 91 minutes and this amazing tagline “You can run from Past but not from the Truth”.

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Who Are the Cast Members of All Creatures Here Below Movie?

All Creatures here Below

These Are the Main Cast Members of This All Creatures Here Below Movie-

  • David Dastmalchian played Gensan, Ruby’s Husband
  • Karen Gillan played Ruby, wife of Gensen
  • David Koechner played Robert
  • Jennifer Morrison played Penny
  • Richard Cabral played Hugo
  • John Doe played Uncle Doug

Summary of All Creatures Here Below

The story revolves around Gensan and Ruby living in poverty and only Gensan has a fast job while it’s difficult for Ruby to hold a job as her mental capacity is diminished and she wants a child but Gensan is not ready to become a father.

All Creatures Here Below

Gensan starts doing gambling on the cockfight which is done in a backyard after his fast food restaurant closes permanently.

Gensan Kills the man when he knows that man doesn’t make the bet good, meanwhile Gensan wife Ruby also kidnaps infant daughter of her neighbor which adds more complication to Gensan as they 3 flees from Los Angeles in the car which Gensan Steals from the man whom he murdered.

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They 3 travel to their Childhood home in De Soto Kansas and Ruby names the Infant Irene and she also lacks how to handle the child.

When they reach Childhood home their Uncle convinces him to return Irene to her real mother, surrender him which got him short prison while taking Ruby to some type facility for her mental care.

He discovers that Irene is accidently killed by Ruby due to her mental sickness when she tries to keep her quiet as she doesn't know how to take care of the infant , when he goes back to Ruby to the motel.

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He is so afraid and believes that the police are at the door so he takes ruby to the field and while playing he killed Ruby also and buried both mother and infant together in that field and the story ends here with sirens are heard approaching when he buried both of them.

The Dark and Stunning Film

Where to Watch All Creatures Here Below

You can watch All Creature Here Below of Karen Gillian non the following platforms-

  • Sling Tv
  • FuboTv
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Showtime
  • Youtube
  • Google Play Movies &TV
  • Vudu
  • Apple Tv
  • Showtime Anytime

All Creatures here Below

Ratings and Reviews of All Creatures Here Below

There are 71% Tomatometer and 59% Audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and on this movie there are so many Critic reviews and one said that the movie left with the dramatic features while others called the story of the movie a somewhat unbelievably tragic twist and turns.

Meanwhile, on IMDb this 2018 movie got 5.6 overall rating and here is the top review of the user and he said that the movie is very sad but also very watchable.

Official Trailer of All Creatures Here Below

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