All Between Us: Why The Movie Turned Out A Mess At The End of The Day?

all between us

Wanna know about this film “All Between Us“? All things considered of the crowd accepted that the move hasn’t done and it’s a messy one… Why there are saying all this what about we sort it out.

So let’s roll on!

All Between Us

All between us is a comedy movie which is directed by Jamie Jones and the writer of the movie Ev Durán. The stars of All between us are Denyce Lawton, Brian Hooks, Tiffany Haddish, and Jay Philips, and more.

The movie is about a newly engaged couple who gathers their friends and family and makes an announcement, but the surprise becomes a disaster as one secret is revealed in this gathering and it changed the lives of four people forever.

The movie was premiered on June 6, 2018. This film was produced by Lakeside Pictures/On Thee Spot Productions and Samera Entertainment and distributed by Vision Films.

What About The Movie “All Between Us” Is?

The main lead of the story is Clara, played by Denyce Lawton, and Ray by Ray Brian Hooks they met each other in a club where they exchanged drinks and this was the day they think that they are made for each other.

After three years, later they are living together in a big apartment and are ready to get knotted into a marriage, to celebrate this they decided to give a very big dinner party for the family and the friends. This is the day when Ray is going to meet Clara’s parents for the very first time.

Talking from the start…

The movie takes place in a bar scene in which we found a woman drinking water, a guy comes to her in order to befriend her. He went there and cracks a joke but the lady doesn’t react, many believed that this is the most lovely part of the movie.

After some periods we find both of them are laughing and begin the journey of friendship. Before long they are giggling, and you quick forward to their gorgeous space, where they are arranging for the evening gathering.

The main lead, Ray spends more than the expected time blowing up pillows because he wants to make everything perfect for the meet. He is going to meet his In-laws for the very first time. The food is going to be prepared soon.

On the other side, Clara is waiting for her best friend Mishwan to come and help her with the other household chores, and while waiting she prepares the salad for them.

The film is unreasonable from the moment it starts and many find the act of the figure completely a “waste” and the plotline the worst one which is something bad for the creators but seriously it is…

How about we check who is in the film and why there aren’t adored by the audience.

All Between Us- Cast And Characters

The movie has some of the handful of characters that we have mentioned here.

  • Tiffany Hadish
  • Brian Hooks
  • Christian Levatino
  • Tabitha Brown
  • Jay Philips
  • Esau Mc Graw
  • IsleyNichole Melton
  • Manchini Graves
  • Kevin DeWit

Official Teaser of All Between Us-

Where You Can Stream The Movie All Between Us?

You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video, Prime Video Co.Uk, and other online streaming platforms.

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Ratings and Appraisals of All Between Us-

According to the IMDb, the show secures a very very low rating of only 3.2 stars out of 10 which simply means no one liked the show(65 IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 3.2 / 10),

Not only the IMDb another rating meter also has the same result when we talk about the movie appraisals.

Vudu has given this 3.5 out of 5 and 2/5 from the Caution Spoilers, ThatMomoentIn has given 3.5, and last but not the least, Caution Spoiler has only graded this with two points from the same total whereas the Rotten Tomatoes census hasn’t calculated the grades yet.

Here we have picked some reviews from different platforms regarding the film.

  • Unrealistic by Shanazmohamdally on 28 April 2021-Warning: Spoilers.
  • If Haddish can’t turn this production around, you better believe that no one can. The fault isn’t her’s; nor is it Denyce, Brian’s, or Christian Levatino’s. Talent is not the issue here. The crucial drawback of All Between Us lies in a confusing plot- Rotten Tomatoes.

Have you seen the movie yet? Wanna share your reviews too? If, so then surely you can comment below.

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Final Lines

The movie has tons of mistakes, poor acting of the characters, and somehow a messy plotline. The parents in the movie are shown finding faults at every point, the rude brother, sister-in-law, and family friends are just nothing but more than a drama which is the reason many find the concept lack of sense.

In the event that you haven’t watched the film yet! then, at that point, I’m not encouraging you to watch it because it’s a chaotic one rather than this switch to some astounding films like Invasion Planet Earth: Know About This Heart-Wrenching Movie!,  CloverfieldOut of Blue (2018) or simply visit us for more entertainment media.

Now time to say bye-bye, stay safe during the pandemic 🙂

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