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All American Season 3: The CW Release, Plotline And Other Details

Waiting for the All American Season 3?

In this, we are going to cover all the necessary details about season three of the All American, if you want to know all these astonishing details then be with us throughout the end of this article.

Make yourself ready for this American Television Drama but before moving forward, let’s refresh our minds with this romantic conversation between Olivia and Spencer, the main cast of the show.

Olivia: I thought I was alone.
Spencer: You’re never alone. You’ve always got me

Now jumping to season three 🙂

All American Season 3

All American is an American sports drama tv series which is created by  April Blair. The television series is premiere on The CW network for the very first time that is on October 10, 2018.

The series is completely inspired by a famous American football player named Spencer Paysinger. Spencer is an ambitious American football player who belongs from South Los Angles. A scholarship is offered to him by Beverly Hills, which is a High School.

All American Season 3

This happens when Spencer is playing and his coach Billy Baker notices his ability, how he plays and his confidence and strategies impress him. That’s why one Spenser is selected for the Scholarship.

The whole story revolves around this boy and his torn world in which he has to suffer a lot every day. The story is a successful and major hit. The series holds a rating of 91% out of 100 from the Tomatometer which is undoubtedly a huge ratio.

The CW renewed the show again for season three, here a question arises what is the confirmed release date?

Continue reading, to get the answer to this query 🙂

All American Season 3 Release Date

I know you must be wondering about what is the exact release date of this American drama. The CW networks have confirmed the release of All American Season 3 is January 18, 2021.

Once it gets a release, you can watch it on the CW Networks but for that, you have to wait a little bit. Till then, I think you need to find an alternate web series that will remove boredom from these quarantine days.

What about some Netflix series? In which the series focuses on the life of Five agents who live hundreds of years from now. They find out a way to send the consciousness back through time in the body…

Interesting Right? Want to know more about this Canadian drama, click here-Travelers Season 4: You Need To Know About Season 4.

All American Season 3

Star Cast of All American Season 3

Now you must be wondering who is in All American season 3? Below we have mentioned the name of the star cast, who are back in season 3.

  • Spencer (Daniel Ezra)
  • Coach Baker (Taye Diggs)
  • Olivia (Samantha Logan)
  • Coop (Bre-Z)
  • Layla (Greta Onieogou)
  • Grace (Karimah Westbrook)
  • Corey (Chad Coleman)
  • Laura (Monét Mazur)
  • Jordan (Michael Evans Behling)
  • Dillon (Jalyn Hall)

Do you expect some new faces or Are you happy with the above-listed crew? Maybe some of the new characters will come on the screens but are not revealed yet, if this happens then when we get the information about the new star cast, we will update the information in this article soon.

All American Season 1 Episode 1

Season one, the story starts with Spencer who is an ambitious boy who used to play football. Spencer is an ambitious American football player who belongs from South Los Angles. A scholarship is offered to him by Beverly Hills, which is a High School as stated above.

If you want to watch season three, then I advise you to watch season one, because, without watching season one, you will not be able to understand this America-drama.

All American Season 2 Episode 1

Season two continues with the story of Jordan, in which Jordan decided to deal with the “drama of his family.” In this there are ups and downs in the life of other characters as well like Billy makes some hard decisions about his life, Asher develops some feelings for Olivia, Laura is in great depression because she gets to know about the extra-marital affair of her husband.

Grace, who is the reason for the depression of Olivia apologizes for that marital affair. Season two is a bit emotional and interesting if you get bound with the characters.

IMDb Rating and Reviews on All American

The series has given 7.7 stars out of 10, which is I think not bad for any sports drama because there are few peoples who love to watch sports shows, are you one of them? Then you need to read the reviews of the other similar sports lovers like you 😉

Reviews On All American

We have collected some of the few and fair reviews from the IMDb, just for you, so that with the help of the reviews it will be easy to distinguish whether the series fits best for you or not. Starting with our very first comment of Hazel Nut.


“This is the best new show in 2018. It covers all the hard topics in life and shows the struggles as well as the triumphs. It’s well written with complex characters I’d want to know in real life, with enough drama to keep people interested.”

Not bad at all

“This show has a little bit of a One tree hill feel to it. I was a big fan of the OTH series and I feel this show has the same potential that the show has for many years. Not the greatest acting but I think it will get better. Hoping this show grows to be something great.”

Good show

“The show is actually better than I thought it was going to be. Tate Diggs being an experienced actor helps. I think the overall acting is decent, they aren’t going to blow you away with their acting or anything but it’s okay.”
“How do you keep this going beyond one season with the plot? I think they should have made the kid an underclassman making it easier to keep the series going for at least a few seasons.”

Is There Any Trailer of All American Season 3?

Regrettably, there is no trailer for the American Season 3 but wait we have an informative video for you, in which you get the exclusive updates of the season three release, with some old recap scenes and interviews of the creators see what they are saying on this-

Bottom Lines

The CW networks have confirmed the release of American Season 3 is January 18, 2021. You have to wait a little more for this worth watching web series, which has a large number of positive reviews from the audience and from the critics as well.

Hopefully, you find the article informative for you, if yes then please let us know below in our feedback section, also share this with your friends who are waiting for this American- drama.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Where to watch All American Season 3?

A-Once the series is released you can watch this on The CW Network, but for that, you have to wait for January 18, 2021, which is the release date of season 3.

Q-Is All American Season 3 available on Netflix?

A-Yes, it will be added on Netflix too but first, it will air on The CW Networks.

Q-Why the release of All American Season 3 delay from October 2020 to January 2021?

A-The season three was going to be released in October 2020, but because of the Pandemic attack of the Covid-19, the delays occur. Due to this, the creators extended the date from October 2020 to January 2021. As the situation is under control and hoping to remain in control.