Alice Maresato: High School of The Dead Anime| Character Information

Alice is the cutest character in high school of the dead even her height is also cute like her. She is a short girl with pink hair and broad eyes. She is only seven years old modicum-girl who always cherishes Kouta Hirano a bit more than others.

Being the smallest member of the anime no weapons are assigned to her but she has firecrackers to frighten the enemy’s group. Little tiny crackers are given by Asmai Nakaokato.

Alice Maresato

Alice’s life is a bit unfortunate her father was killed by other evils despite this sorrow in her life she is the only girl who is full of cheerful behavior and attitude. Obtaining the tag of a little member in the group she always talks with other members with respect and politeness in fact she gives them the same reference as they are her brothers and sisters.

She admires two people most in the anime one is Kohta Hirano and the second is Saya Takagi. She has more love and affection for Saga because she keeps her as her own descendant.

Character Information

  • Age-7
  • Gender-Female
  • Eyes-Purple
  • Hair-Pink
  • Status-Alive
  • Voice Artist of Alice Maresato

Alice Maresato

Voice Artist- Alice Maresato

There are two artists who perform the voice of this cute little pink-haired girl. The anime is available in two languages one for the original( Japanse) and in the Global voice( English). Ayana Taketatsu has given her voice for the Japanese version and Brittney Karbowski for the English dubbed version.

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