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Alice in Borderland Season 2: Know Everything About This Upcoming Season 2!

Are you looking for the three friends Arisu, Karube and Chotu who were stuck in the game and wanted to complete the level to come out from the deadly game? then, you are searching for the Alice in Borderland series, and its season 2?

You are here to find out details about its season 2. There are many tv drama series in which group of friends stuck in the game and they have to play the game for their survival and these games are deadly one as they have to win the level to move to the next level and win the game.

Alice in Borderland Story

The story revolves around the three friends Arisu, Karube and Chotu who are playing and dancing in the street which causes traffic.

To avoid the traffic policeman came there and by seeing police coming towards them they all ran away and hide in the washroom of the station. In there they found themselves in the game where they met a group of girls who are in their high schools.

Girls told them that they are in game and can’t came out until the win the game by playing and moving to next level.

So, they three decided to start the game and win to end the game so that they can came out from this survival game. Chotu, one of the friends, got injured in the first episode and didn’t get the visa to move to the next level.

The other two played another game in next episode where they meet other players and in next level Karube sacrifice his life for Arisu and then Arisu alongwith Usagi decided to continue the came together.

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Alice Borderland Season 2 Release Date

There is no official window date for the Alice in Borderland season 2 and is yet to be announced that when it is coming.

The renewal of the season 2 is already made by the makers after season 1 premiered of this series.

Season 2 of Alice Borderland is trending on twitter so much and fans are waiting for its release date. But the new season of Alice will not came before the Christmas of 2021.

Only trending and other news related to Alice on Borderland season is getting famous.

We will update this section when update related to this series came on internet.

Till then enjoy its season 1 and bookmark this page to know when the latest details come.

See How Season 2 of Alice Borderland is Trending on Twitter

Where to Watch Alice in Borderland Season 1 Drama?

You can currently watch this thriller drama on Netflix and also on VRV.

Is There Any Trailer for the Alice Borderland Season 2?

There is no trailer or teaser for the Alice Borderland Season 2 but you watch its season 1 official trailer which is given below-

Alice in Borderland Ratings and Reviews

This thriller, science-fiction in which friends have to survive to go to the next level got 7.7 ratings out of 10 on IMDB which shows the increase in popularity among the series day by day.

The top rated episodes among all are episode no 2 and episode no 3 whose individual ratings are 8.1 and 8.3 respectively out of 10 along with, more than 300+ user reviews.

83% ratings are given to this series on Rotten Tomatoes while the series got 89% on Just Watch.

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Last Lines

Alice in Borderland is renewed for the second season but you have to wait more until the beginning of 2022 as it is expected that it will not come before the Christmas of 2021. Enjoy and watch its season 1 on Netflix which is an amazing series and also read other thriller dramas like Dark season, McMafia season 2, Dirty John and many more.

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