Confirmed News ! Is Alexa and Katie Season 5 Canceled ? 

Are you a fan of Alexa and Katie? Are you looking for the release date of Alexa and Katie Season 5? If yes, then this article will help to know about the release date and latest updates regarding the series.

Alexa and Katie is one of the most popular series of “Netflix Original”. It always comes up with something new for the viewers. So, as we all know Alexa and Katie is based on an American Sitcom

Let’s begin….

  • Alexa and Katie follow the genre of American Sitcom.
  • It was created by Heather Wordham.
  • The opening theme is “Alexa and Katie”  Main theme by “ Paris Berelc”.
  • The origin of the country is “United States”.
  • The no. of seasons are 3 (4 parts).
  • It has 39 episodes . 
  • The original network is “Netflix”.
  • The running time is 23-27 minutes each.
  • Original Release Date : March 23, 2018June 13, 2020.

Is Alexa and Katie a True Story?

The show is entirely fictional even the town and set the show is fictional too. The story is not true or the characters, none of them are real or inspired.

Are Alexa and Katie Friends in Real Life?

Paris Berelc & Isabel May, the actors of Katie and Alexa did not force their friendship bond or connection for on screen, they have real bond in the real world too. They both are real friends off screen too and didn’t have to give extra efforts to show their friendship on screen.

Will There Be a Part 5 to Alexa and Katie?

The creators thanked and sent love to all the fans and lovers of the show, but at the same time told everyone that the show is officially not renewed. Season 5 will not be created and the finale of Season 4 is the logical conclusion of the show.

Release Date ( Alexa and Katie Season 5)

Alexa and Katie Season 5

Netflix has announced back in February 2019 , that they had given the greenlight for the third season and the final season . It came up with the third season (part 1) on December 30,2019 and (part 2) on June 13, 2020 with 16 episodes.

But according to the production company, it has 4 seasons and having 39 episodes is enough to satisfy the viewers to discover the show. That’s why Season 5 is canceled.

However, the final outing of the series is super-sized with 16 episodes so fans can enjoy it .

According to the link given below, Just another wimpy has clearly written on Twitter  that Season 5 has been CANCELED!.

If you haven’t watch Alexa and Katie season yet, check out this tweet and you’ll definitely go for it. Here it is…

What Happened in the Previous Season of Alexa and Katie?

The story begins with alexa and Katie making plans to keep them stress free and enjoy their senior years. Alexa is about to get her drivers licence. Katie is worried for her future as the test and her college applications will tell about her future.

The whole story revolves around them and their future goals and dreams. But all of this feels shattered when they get the news that Alexa has cancer. Due to which Alexa goes under many treatments and chemotherapies. 

Alexa and Katie Season 5

Between all this, when their high school life continues, alexa feels very away from her best friend and she is missing everything. But Katie keeps the connection with her. Alea lost her hair, so Katie also shaved all her hair for support. They support each other through all problems, whether it is her cancer illness or the high school.

At last, they complete their schooling and are now eligible to get into college. 

Where Can We Watch Alexa and Katie ?

You can easily stream it online on the given links. Netflix and Just Watch . Here, 4 seasons are available of the series. 

Ratings of Alexa and Katie:

Alexa and Katie Season 5

The fantastic ratings of the Alexa and katie are :-

  • It has got an imdb rating of 7.5/10.
  • It has got a common sense media rating of 4/5.
  • It has got a rotten tomatoes rating of 87%/100%.

The Conclusion

Well , Season 5 is not coming as mentioned above and if you haven’t watched the 4 seasons of the series you can easily stream it online. 

Let’s sign off with another Netflix series . If you have any queries then just comment in the given section below. We feel glad to answer them and spend your time on our website to know about every series, film and movies.

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