Who is Alex Cooper Dating? Who is Her Secret Date?

Alex Cooper is the host of Call Her Daddy, an explicit yet hilarious podcast. Cooper and her friend Sofia Franklyn conceived of the podcast, and Barstool Sports picked it up after four episodes. After falling out with Alex, Sofia quit the program, leaving Cooper as the sole host.

Call Her Daddy’s popularity has not been damaged by Franklyn’s departure, as it consistently appears toward the top of hot podcast lists. Cooper has featured celebrities such as Miley Cyrus on his podcast, so increasing his popularity. Father Cooper, as she is known on Instagram, has 2.2 million Instagram followers.

Who is Alex Cooper dating?

The podcast host is currently dating Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. Who exactly is Mr. Since 2020, he has become Alex’s new boyfriend. Since she hosts a podcast on sexuality and relationships, she has difficulty maintaining her privacy.

Because of this, she discusses her lover on the Call Her Daddy podcast. However, she is careful to refer to him only by his alias. Alex refers to his partner as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Guy,” but he never reveals his real identity.

She disclosed that she and a cast member of an NBC show were dating. Some of Alex’s followers have conducted research and decided that she is dating New Amsterdam’s Dr. J. Ryan Eggold. That is all you need to know for a thorough and final summary of Alex Cooper’s swain and Call Her Daddy.

Who is Alex Cooper Dating? Who is Her Secret Date?

How did Alex and Matt Meet?

Mr. Sexy Zoom Man received his moniker because the two individuals met for the first time during a business zoom meeting. Later, during a trip to Alex’s current home in Los Angeles, the two pushed their friendship to the next level.

She compared her current relationship to her previous romantic fancies and partners and found him to be more reliable and self-aware. She said that her significant other is supportive of her professional goals.

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan have been a couple for how long? They have been a couple since 2020. Matt and his current girlfriend began dating on February 3, 2021, according to his IMDB page.

TMZ has alleged that Cooper’s most notable ex-girlfriends are Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul, despite the fact that Cooper has admitted to dating multiple players. Cooper had an affair with Syndergaard, a fellow New York baseball player before she became famous.

The couple began dating in April 2017 and have since made numerous gaming industry-related conventions and event appearances. In December 2020, they attended their final New York Knicks basketball game as a relationship, and Syndergaard engraved their separation with the phrase “Baseball is my significant other.”

Since her breakup and subsequent relationship with “Slim Shady” Syndergaard, the podcasters have exchanged guests. Cooper had a relationship with popular YouTuber Paul, and he was also drawn to pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

It is unknown when the couple first began dating, however, on April 8, 2021, the celebrity hostess apparently announced on television that she was seeing Paul.

In 2020, Alexandra disclosed that she and an ex-boyfriend had reconciled, although she did not specify which one. The apparent relationship between Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan has also been publicized.

Who is Alex Cooper Dating? Who is Her Secret Date?

Alex Cooper’s Dating Life

Alex Cooper admits dating numerous athletes, but her most well-known exes are Logan Paul and Noah Syndergaard. Before she became renowned, Cooper also had an affair with Syndergaard, a New York baseball pitcher.

Since April 2017, when they began dating, the couple has attended numerous gaming conferences together. In a tweet that functioned as his divorce announcement, Syndergaard stated, “Baseball is my spouse.”

In December 2020, they had their farewell public appearance at a Knicks basketball game, after which Syndergaard tweeted, “Baseball is my significant other” to announce their breakup.

The podcasters have been open about their relationship with Syndergaard and their separation, which she refers to as “Slim Shady,” for many years.

In addition to Syndergaard, Cooper had a brief relationship with the famous YouTuber Paul. The exact date of the couple’s union is uncertain. Alex, however, made her relationship with Paul public on April 8, 2021. Alexandra said early in 2020 that she was reunited with an ex-boyfriend. She did not specify which one, however. Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper are said to be dating.