Aldnoah.Zero Season 3 – Confirmed or Cancelled?

Last month, I watched a popular anime series named Your Lie in April and I cried a lot. The anime series is great and I really like the storyline and the production. After the end of the series, I started to look for the other details of this show. A1 pictures was the one who was responsible for the amazing production of this series. Searching for more anime from their amazing production, I came across with a Aldnoah.Zero series. I have also finished watching this series last week. After the end of the second season, I was curious to know about its third part and wanted to know whether it is coming or not? 

Movie/Series Name Aldnoah.Zero Season 3
Movie Genre Anime series
Release Date Not Announced

There are a large number of people who share the same feelings like me and are hoping for the third installment. If you are one of them and looking for the answer then this article is for you. Keep reading this till the end to know everything about this series. 

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What is Aldnoah.Zero? 3

Aldonad.Zero is a well known series in Japan. The series was first released in the year 5 July, 2014 and it became instant hit. The story is created by Olympus Knights and has been in the direction of the A-1 Production. The series has released two seasons so far now and both of the seasons were instant hits.

The action-drama movie is perfect for the people who are into action series. The fight scenes are well shown in the series and it never felt too much or too little, the action is well-balanced. The first season consist of 12 episode and the second season have also 12 episodes which makes 24 episodes in total.

While watching the movie you’ll find the background music and the anime music interesting. This is because the music is well written by popular Hiroyuki Sawano. Now, the two seasons are already finished and due to the attractive storyline, the drama is popular among the people.

Now, people are hoping to see another series as soon as possible. But they don’t know whether it is going to happen or not. Don’t worry because we’ll let you know. Read the next section and see whether it is coming or not?

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Is Aldnoah.Zero Ready for Season 3? season 3 updates

The series is popular among the people. However we can’t unseen the fact that the fan base of this series is not that much. The show was also under a controversy on the various social networking sites especially on Reddit and MAL. The fans are not sure about the upcoming event of this series and no one really knows whether the third installment is happening or not. 

Looking at the possibility of this series, I find that the chances of getting a sequence is low. The main reason behind this statement would be the viewership. The anime show has already made the two seasons and the viewership is not that great. The first season was more popular as compared to the second one and the audience were not happy with the second part. 

Furthermore, there is no official statement about anything regarding this show. There is nothing news out yet directly or through any sources. It becomes hard to conclude whether season 3 will ever come out. There are many anime which took more than years to get renewed that’s why we don’t want to make false statements for you.

If there will be any announcement for Aldonoah.Zero, we’ll surely let you know. 

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What Is the Release Date of Aldnoah.Zero Season 3?

As I already stated that the possibility of the third installment isn’t much bright. The show hasn’t started its production yet and there is no official announcement release yet. Through this tough time, it would be really hard to conclude anything. If the production of states soon, we’ll see it somewhere in 2022-2023. On the other hand this release date is just an assumption by the fans and we are not relying on it.

We recommend you to wait for some more time and read out the official statement. 

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

The ratings are important for the show because it decides the future of any anime. The show was well-appreciated by the people during the beginning. The first season went well and it received 7.45/10 scoring according to the Also, the audiences gave 233,422 votes to Aldnoah.Zero show.

Talking about the second series which receives 7.01/10 rating and 157,320 votes by the show admirers. The overall rating of is 7.4/10, which is pretty average to be honest. 

Moreover, the IMDb rating of this action-drama anime series is 7.2/10. All these ratings are enough to tell that the show gets badly hit after its first season. However, a certain amount of people are still waiting for this series. That’s why the Audience Rating Summary of Aldnoah.Zero is 4.6/10. 


 There are a lot of people who love this show and are honest with it till the last. While on the other hand we can’t deny the fact the people are not really fans of this series and didn’t like it much. Whatever the reason is, the series is not planning to get renewed for season 3 and we don’t know if the series will ever come back. 

It is hard to conclude anything without any official announcement. We recommend you to wait for the official statement and then react. Till then, keep following our website i.e. Keeperfacts and know about the latest news regarding TV series, Anime, movies and webseries.