Al Hayba Season 4: Latest Updates, Cast, Plot, Trailers, & Spoilers!

Updated As on 28 January 2022

If you love romantic action shows then, you can definitely watch this show because this is for you. 

In this show, you can see complicated love stories and this show will keep you hooked.

Al Hayba is a Syrian-Lebanese drama television series directed by Samer Barqawi. The series was first aired in Arab on MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center) on 27 May 2017.

Movie Al Hayba Season 4
Genre Drama, Crime, Action
Release Date 1st November 2020
Directed By Samer Al Barkawi
Produced By Sabbah Brothers Cedars Art Production

Every episode of the show is 45 minutes long; the IMDB rating for the show is 7.5 out of 10. And the show is produced by Sabbah Brothers.

 Al Hayba Season 4

In which language can we watch this show?

You can easily find it in various languages like Chinese, Hebrew, French, English, Spanish, Greek, and Turkis but its original language is Arabic.

Will there be Season 4 of Al Hayba?

In 2019, the announcement was made for season 4 release, starring Taim Hassan as Jabal Sheikh al Jabal, Dima Kandalaft, and Adel Karam. The movie was released last year in November 2020.

Why did Nadine leave Al Hayba?

At the time, As the show focused more on male roles and they had the center of attention that is why Njeim left the show. She decided not to get back to the show in a background role.

What happened to Alia in Al Hayba Season 2?

Season 2 begins with a time jump to the past for Jabal. Nadine Njeim (Alia) chose not to be involved in Season 2 as the show had the male roles in the center with the story revolving around them. This is the reason why Alia aka Njeim left the show after season 1.

Is Al Hayba 4 Released or Not?

Yes, Al Hayba 4 production was completed and finally released in November 2020 after a lot of extensions were made due to covid-19. 

These are available in the Arabic language and with English subtitles for English viewers.

Fans and show lovers can watch their favorite series on

Also, we got the trailer for Season 4 which you can see below:

“Al Hayba ” The Payback – Official Promo | “البرومو الرسمي لمسلسل “الهيبة – الرد”

All about of Al Hayba

This show is all about the fictional Lebanese clan who live near the Syrian Border, called Sheikh Al-Jabal. This family has a very old and historic connection with the Lebanese Al Said clan in the village of Al Hayba. 

The story shows the constant rivalry and problems between them. They struggle with each other internally too. The series is in Lebanese standard dialect, Lebanese Baalbek dialect, and the Syrian dialect of Arabic. 

Who All Are in the Cast?

  • Taim Hasan as Jabal
  • Nassib Njeim as Alia Nadine
  • Cyrime Abdelnour as Nour Rahma
  • Oweiss Mkhallalati as Sakher
  • Muna Wassef as Nahed Imran
  • Carla Boutros as Dr Ghada
  • Kitam Alaham as Em Chahine
  • Sainab Hind Khadra as Rima
  • Layla Qamri as Em Ali
  • Najah Safkouni as Nahed’s brother
  • Patrick as Essa (The Attorney)
  • Khalid Alsayed as Jabel’s paternal uncle
  • Rozina Lazkani as Mona
  • Abdo chahine as Chahine
  • Said Serhan as Ali
  • Mohammad Akil as AL Shayeb
  • Michael Hourani as Majdi

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