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Akshay Kumar Roots For Light-hearted Entertainment in These Trying Times

Akshay Kumar is into light-heartened movies

superstar of b-town Akshay Kumar said his movie good newwz refreshes his memory of his love for comedy and the comical side of films. he also added by praising the film as a rom-com movie where he thought that everyone had loved it. and his opinion about such comedy films is that such hilarity and humorous movies would bring some light-heartened entertainment among people in these hard times. 

Akshay Kumar is looking forward to such light heartened movies and entertainment to just divert people’s contested minds from this pandemic situation and relax everybody for a moment.

Good newwz

for Akshay Kumar, good newwz is a very special movie as he got to work with Kareena Kapoor Khan after a long time, as Kumar and Bebo share a very good bonding in Bollywood. for Akshay Kumar, it was also very exciting as he also got to work with the other two very talented actors beside him that is Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh.

the good newz movie is based on how couples got exchanged sperm during the IVF procedure and it revolves around the emotional bonding between two unknown family couples and many comedy parts during the whole movie time. 

Akshay Kumar Roots For Light-hearted Entertainment in These Trying Times

Akshay had a special place for good newwz

and for Akshay Kumar, this movie had a special in his heart. as we are suffering from these hard times, he recommended that this kind of light-hearted movie would help us to keep our minds aside for a moment and relax and be happy, laugh together and maintain tranquility.

Bebo’s good newwz

moreover, our Bebo is also expecting her second child and who also said that for her journey in the movie good newwz was very unique and special as she could relate the time period of being pregnant and motherhood. she was very honored to showcase the world the various emotions and moods a mother goes while she is pregnant and bringing these light-hearted moments on-screen was very much fortunate for her. she felt that good newwz was the movie that brought her lucky charm back. people especially mothers, who are pregnant in this pandemic.

So what do you think?? Was it worth watching Good Newwz?

Good Newwz and many more light heartened movies which would bring us to smile or laugh our heart out should not be missed in this new work from home style.

Akshay’s positive works

Superstar Akshay Kumar had donated Rs. 25 crores in PM Cares Fund for fighting a battle with coronavirus with the nation

His wife, Twinkle Khanna said in a report that she had asked him about donating such a ransom amount, where she said that Akshay replied to her by stating that he had nothing when he was at his zero points of his career, he was in zero. Now when he had everything, why wouldn’t he stand beside the needy people. He also stated to Twinkle that he is donating money for his country only.

This deeds of Akshay Kumar always proved to us how kind and strong a person he is in real life. And that is why he is widely known as “Khiladi”. Such a personality what a nation needs in these hard times.

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