Aho Girl Season 2: Things You Must Need To Know About The Sequel!


Many want the second season of this anti-social anime from the past three years but will there be a follow-up of the series is heaving the mind of the fans. Let's explore everything about this anime!

Aho-girl is a Japanese series that is an adaptation of the Manga Series. The series is adapted from the light novel series which is published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine. The first season premiere from July 2017 to September of the same year.


The story starts with a high-school girl name Yoshiko Hanabatake. The girls have zero interest in anything. Yoshiko finds herself a bit weird or different from other girls who are good at co-curricular activities.

aho girl season 2

Yoshiko never wants to be the bird of the cage despite this, she wants someone who feels the same way! One day she met Sayaka Sumino, he used to spy on the girl every time.


The story doesn't focus on a particular character but revolves around four main characters name Yoshiko, Akuru, Chairwomen whom Yoshiko finds a pervert, and Ryuichi.

Season one runs for a total of twelve episodes and is still available to stream on Crunchyroll. But what about season 2? Continue Reading to know more…

Aho Girl Season 2

aho girl season 2

The anime doesn't hold a good rating but has a big fan following. The story makes fans fall in love again and again with the anime. The story of this bold girl, Yoshiko is praised by the audience.

Aho-Girl is an anime series that has some rare storylines and the concept is a bit different comparing to the other animes. The anime focuses on some familiar and anti-social issues like abusive behaviours, low marks in schoolrooms, and fights.

Perhaps this is the reason the anime get a low rating of 6.6 stars because people normally don't go for such kind of “lesson teaching anime.”

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The release is not confirmed by the creators at this time but it is greatly seized that we will get the series somehow in 2022.

Things You Must Need To Know About The Sequel!

One point which is heaving the mind of Aho-Girls is that will there be season 2? Originators usually go for follow-up of those animes which has given more commercial value to them. Aho anime has given 166,177 votes in their previous parts which are not bad, they say!

Business value is not the only factor but source material plays a pivotal role in making up a sequel. Well, on this we could assume that there is a lot of source material creators could work on.

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As we know the anime is encouraged by the light novel series of twelve volumes from which not even half is consumed for the plotline of season one, so Hiroyuki has a lot of material to show in season 2.

Fan's are also asking us about the design for the second instalment but at this time we aren't sure about the plotline. When we get something more about the script, then we will refresh more in this section.

Charcters of Aho Girl Season 2

There is no pledge about the new characteristics but one thing we can say for sure is that we will see the old main characters there like-

  • Yoshiko Hanabatake
  • Akuru Akutsu
  • Sayaka Sumino
  • Fuki Iincho
  • Yoshie Hanabatake
  • Ryuuichi Kurosaki
  • Ruri Akutsu

Is There Any Trailer For Season 2?

Many of you have searched for the official trailer and might have seen so many videos regarding the same but they all are false and pretended teasers. How could we expect the trailer, when we aren’t sure about the dates?

For this time enjoy this former year’s trailer. When we get the official, we will surely update that here-

Final Lines

Aho Girls season 2 is neither establishes nor removed by the creators. We hope to get the anime somehow in 2021 or 2022 but not before that. At this time creators haven't said more about this anime maybe they are busy with some new projects.