After Ever Happy Release Date: What Will Happen in After Ever Happy?

Fans are already clamoring for more Hessa content, even if After We Fell won’t be out until 2021. This next book of the After series, called After Ever Happy, carries the harrowing saga of Hardin and Tessa’s romance to a new level. The huge cliffhangers in After We Fell may have left you wondering what will happen to Heisel. There isn’t much information available about the new film yet, but we’ve got a few tidbits to share, including the cast and tentative release date.

What Is the Plot of After Ever Happy?

After Ever Happy

After We Fell finished on such a cliffhanger-filled note, it’s safe to assume that the future feature will address all unanswered questions. Hardin’s relationship with his biological father, Tessa moving to Seattle, and more are all explored in After Ever Happy. There’s also a chance that the source material for the After movies, based on the Anna Todd book series of the same name, will call for some inspo.

Get up to speed with the “After” Series of Books!
It is stated in the official summary on Simon and Schuster’s website for the After Ever Happy book:

Both lovers’ families reveal terrible truths, and it becomes evident that they are not so different from each other. Hardin is no longer the nasty, temperamental boy Tessa fell in love with, nor is Tessa the sweet, innocent, good girl she was when they first met. Tessa is the only one who can calm Hardin down when he explodes since she knows what’s going on in his head. She’s the only one who can help him.

However, the more his past is revealed, the darker he becomes and the more he pushes Tessa away. Tessa isn’t sure if she can do so without sacrificing her own life to save him. She will not allow herself to be defeated. But for whom is she battling—Hardin or herself?—is an open question.

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The Release Date of After 4: When Will After Ever Happy Be Out?

After Ever Happy

September 7, 2022, is when After Ever Happy will be released in the United States; it will also be released in Europe on August 24 and August 25.

After We Fell was released on Prime Video in the UK and France, the fourth film will be available there as well. The third film came more than a month after its US release date, but no firm date has been set.

Only time will tell if the delay between the film’s US release and its UK release is as extensive as we feared. This is especially true since After Ever Happy is Tessa and Hardin’s climax.

On December 24, 2021, a teaser trailer for After Ever Happy was published as an early holiday gift.

It doesn’t reveal too much about the story, but it does hint that Tessa and Hardin are still dealing with their issues. Here’s a link to the video:

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Who’s Returning to the After 4 Cast for After Every Happy?

After Ever Happy

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, who played Tessa and Hardin in the third and fourth films, come back in the fourth installment.

A lot of the same actors and actresses are returning, including Chance Perdomo (Landon Gibson), Louise Lombard (Trish Daniels), Frances Turner (Karen Scott), Rob Estes (Ken Scott), and Kiana Madeira (Nora), because they shot back-to-back with the third film.

Anton Kottas, Arielle Kebbel, Stephen Moyer, and Mira Sorvino will also appear as Smith Vance, Kimberly, Christian Vance, and Carol Young.

Chance Perdomo, who played Landon after we were defeated,
Landon and Frances had to recast in the third and fourth films because the original performers could not return owing to scheduling difficulties because of the filming schedule.

Since this is Langford and Tiffin’s final film together as the central pair, you should take advantage of their last appearance.

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Will Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin Be Back in After Ever Happy?

Yes, but this is the last time we see Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprise their roles as Tessa and Hardin. Following the release of After We Fell, the film’s official Twitter account announced that the stars had shot both sequels back-to-back.

This material was obtained via a Twitter scrape. Their website may provide the exact content in a different format or more information.
This video features a thank you from Hero and Josephine to the After movie’s viewers. Hero turns to the team and thanks to them for their hard work on the films, and it appears to be a bittersweet end for him.

But that doesn’t mean Hessa’s story is over. According to Teen Vogue, there will be more After movies, one based on the prequel novel Before, which explores Hardin’s life before he fell in love with Tessa, and a third that focuses on the lives of Hessa’s children. Both Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin won’t be returning to reprise their roles in the sequels, POPSUGAR reports.

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