After Blue Release Date: What Is the Audience Review About Movie?

Bertrand Mandico, who wrote and directed the science-fiction film After Blue, knows that nostalgic pastiche is a good way for a filmmaker to try to recapture the feeling and style of a different time (Dirty Paradise). After Blue is meant to make you think of fantasy and science fiction movies from the 1970s.

It feels like a modern version of those movies that had great ideas but were either too cheap or too far ahead of their time to be able to show them on screen realistically.

This choice of style lets the movie use uncanny surrealism and impressive in-camera visual effects to hide its low budget, but it also feels like that's the only thing Mandico bases his whole movie on, making for an experience that is as unique as it is hard to understand.

After Blue takes place on a planet that was a post-Earth colony. Its name comes from the fact that all the men have died out, leaving only women with ovaries to survive in a desert full of strange plants and animals.

Roxy (Paula Luna), a young woman who is shunned by her peers for being weird, accidentally lets the evil Kate Bush (no, not that one) out of prison in exchange for three wishes. Kate Bush (Agata Buzek), who was Roxy's bully when she was a teenager, runs away after her first wish to kill Roxy's bullies is implicitly granted.

Roxy is left to face the consequences from the village leaders. Her mother Zora (Elina Lowensohn), who is the local hairdresser in charge of women's thick body hair on After Blue, is then sent into exile until she and Roxy kill Kate Bush and collect the bounty on her head.


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The Plot of After Blue

after blue

After Blue is like parts of Suzy McKee Charnas's Holdfast Chronicles filtered through a neon-saturated reinterpretation of Zardoz. It's a weird take on the Western story format, with Zora and Roxy travelling across obviously made environments on a quest that could be called episodic if the episodes were at all different or connected.

In Mandico's story, there are a lot of different parts that overlap and don't really fit together. Roxy has erotic psychic conversations with Kate Bush, which should not be confused with the voiceover in which she tells her story to an unknown interrogator.

Even though they are dead, the ghosts of her friends still haunt her. Zora has a hard time dealing with the fact that she has to live in the wild, but she finds comfort in an oddball gunslinger (Vimala Pons) who takes them into her home. Michael Erpelding is a male android who makes sexual tension with his tentacles and shoots a small metal ball from his green-lactating nipple.

Mandico's so-called “Dirty Paradise” is not so much a series of short stories as it is a kaleidoscopic collage of motifs that resemble the form and function of the archetypal “hero's journey.” It is much more concerned with creating a strange sense of place than with telling a simple series of events.

This fits the style of the movie, with its fake sets and deep colours of rainbow lighting, images that overlap, and cryptic dialogue that comes and goes with the VoiceOver. It's never hard to figure out what's going on in the story, but it does require a lot more active attention than its simple overarching plot would suggest.

This is because characters often make huge leaps in motivation that are only explained in hindsight or rely on dialogue that is overly complicated when they could otherwise speak simply. This may be because the French to English translation was done with subtitles, but I doubt that even native French speakers would find this easy to watch.

If all of this seems like a lot to take in, sometimes it is. After Blue (Dirty Paradise) has a unique style, and it's less concerned with making sure you understand the plot than with making you feel like you're in another world, which is helped in no small part by Pierre Desprats's ethereal score.

And yes, with a runtime of more than two hours, the constant barrage can get tiring, and the strangeness of it can lose some of its charms as people get used to it. It's a film that works on a very specific artistic wavelength, and to fully enjoy its pleasures, you have to buy into that wavelength.

It's debatable whether that specific frequency is too hard to understand for anyone but the most dedicated fans of sci-fi from the 1970s, but those who want to know more about this strange new world should try it out for themselves.

Release Date of After Blue

after blue

In the far future, on an untamed planet, a lonely teen named Roxy digs up an assassin who was buried in the sands. As soon as she gets out, the criminal sets off a lot of deaths. Roxy and her mother Zora are blamed for the murder, kicked out of their community, and told to find the killer. They start out on a long journey by walking all over their dirty paradise.

  • Genre:
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy
  • Original Language:
  • French (France)
  • Director:
  • Producer:
  • Writer:
  • Release Date (Theaters):
  • Jun 3, 2022, Limited
  • Runtime:
  • 2h 9m
  • Distributor:
  • Altered Innocence

Synopsis of After Blue

after blue

In the far future, on a planet called After Blue where only women live and which is wild and untamed, a lonely girl named Roxy (Paula Luna) accidentally frees a dangerous, magical, and sensual assassin. Roxy and her mother, Zora, played by Elina Lowensohn, are held responsible, kicked out of their community, and told to find the killer, Kate Bush.

Roxy is haunted by the ghosts of her friends who were killed, so she goes on a long, strange journey through the supernatural parts of this dirty paradise. Bertrand Mandico's (The Wild Boys) new movie is like a lesbian version of El Topo (in space! ), with stunning 35mm in-camera practical effects, otherworldly set pieces, and a dazzling score by Pierre Desperate.



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