After Being Fired From “Teen Mom,” Farrah Abraham Swears She’s Filming A New Show

Although Farrah Abraham is no longer a regular cast member on Teen Mom, the reality star claims she has been filming for an upcoming show, so it looks like she is working on a new project.

The single mother spoke about her experiences with her OnlyFans career and other things lately on the Coffee & Cleavage show. Farrah talked candidly about her achievements on the adult video site and her personal life, including her new partner, throughout the conversation.

Even though Farrah frequently shows off her new relationship on social media, she has made the decision to conceal her partner’s identity by not posting pictures of him or his name (though some fans were certain she was trying to hint at an engagement recently).

Farrah’s Upcoming Show Will Explore Her Work with OnlyFans

Farrah talked about her exciting new project that she has been working on for the A&E network, in addition to her personal life. Her OnlyFans business will be the center of this next episode, which she discussed on the podcast. The network has not yet officially confirmed the show’s debut.

“I did a show, I recorded a show and I talked about [meeting my boyfriend on OnlyFans] on an A&E show, and I don’t know if it’s going to be out this year or not,” Farrah added, looking back on the endeavor.

When she first revealed the details of the show in December, she said that it was supposed to premiere this year.

Farrah boasts that she has made “millions of dollars” on OnlyFans in the last four years, and she is pleased of her success there. She was delighted about the chance that A&E has given her to use the reality show to promote her OnlyFans endeavor, which she is obviously excited about.

Farrah Wants Her Show To Dismantle Stigma

Farrah Abraham New Show

Farrah addressed the comments she receives from people who say that her OnlyFans business is a symptom of loneliness or desperation, saying she is angry about these claims. “OnlyFans has a ‘lonely girls status,’ sometimes I think,” she said.

“I don’t like it when people who support me feel like I’m alone and desperate,” she went on. I’ve put in a lot of effort to be content and happy. Even with “restrictions” on what she can discuss, Farrah still tries to give a fair and optimistic picture of her life.

As a cast member of MTV’s Teen Mom series, Farrah first attracted national notice. She overcame many personal and professional obstacles on her path from reality TV star to prosperous adult content entrepreneur. Her public persona was greatly influenced by her notorious sex tape, which was made public in 2009. Notwithstanding the issues, Farrah has made a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry by using her experiences to launch a prosperous career on OnlyFans. It now looks as though she is returning to reality television.


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