Aditya Birla Scam Exposed: A Digital Marketer Got Scammed on the Name of “Health Insurance” Policy

Mr. Govind Dhiman (Got Scammed) has taken health insurance policy of 5 lakh ruppees and paid 5645 Rs/- Dated 19/08/2020.


Update: After publishing of this news, Aditya Birla representative talked to Mr. Govind Dhiman and processed his “Health Insurance Claim” with in a day. With in 48 hours, he got claim of his Health Insurance Policy.

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Mr. Govind Dhiman has taken health insurance policy of 5 lakh ruppees and he paid annual instalment of 5645 Rs/- Dated 19/08/2020.

Accidentally, He fall down from stairs on 18th November 2020 when he was working in Dahiya Film Production House, Rohini Sector 16, Delhi and Till now, he didn’t get his health insurance payment.

Govind Dhiman Got Scammed By Aditya Birla

Due to this accident, his right leg required surgery and titanium rod added to his leg so that he can walk again.

Aditya Birla Scam

But! But! But! He got disappointed from Aditya Birla

He filed 2 times documentation, complaint 3 times and called more than 20 times but Aditya Birla didn’t gave any response to Govind. (Yes, we have all the documentation with us and we are going to connect all documents here)

Now, he don’t want his money back. He wants to expose “Aditya Birla Health Plan” or you can say “Aditya Birla Scam Plan”.

Govind Dhiman Tweet on Aditya Birla Scam:

Now, here are the images of all documentation:

Have a look and kindly don’t forget to share it with your beloved ones so that no one became this part of trap.

Let me show you few more images:

X-ray of Govind Dhiman right leg:

3 X-rays was associated in complete documentation and here are the details of these 3-Xrays:

  1. 1st X-ray taken in Maharaja Agarsan Hospital, Dwarka Sector-1 after Accident.
  2. 2nd X-ray was taken (before operation) in Sankalp Hospital, Panipat \
  3. Third X-ray was taken after operation in Sankalp Hospital, Panipat.

Keeper facts team confirmed about documentation to respective hospitals too.

Even after parcel all the documentation (Trackon Consignment No:14569738), even after mailing all the details, even after their 2nd initiation of “with processing team”, they claimed back that you are lack of documentation to process reimbursement claim.

Do you want to check tracking status?

Even, Aditya Birla Processing team also reached to Govind Dhiman’s home, Dahiya Film production house to confirm the truth of this claim.

I want to ask “Without proper documentation, Can anyone process for verification of the claim?” 

Absolutely not, but I don’t know – what is the exact issue? After trying from last 63 days, Mr. Govind Dhiman tweeted about it on his twitter account. 

& Being one of the news publisher, this was our duty to publish his story after confirming all the stats and facts.

Now, they are showing that no documents was uploaded for this claim. Here is a recent screenshot of this Aditya Birla official app:

To confirm anything, you can contact him on his facebook profile.

Who is Govind Dhiman?

Govind Dhiman is co-founder at Digi Hind Pvt Ltd and run digital marketing company. His main skill is “Search Engine Optimization” and he is well known guy in digital marketing industry.

Final Words:

Finally, I believe, no one should be the part of this scam. No one should pay his hard earnt money to these types of scam companies….

Always DYOR, choose health insurance plan and company wisely.

If there is anything you want to suggest us, let us know in a comment section. Have you taken health insurance from Aditya Birla? If yes, what was your experience with them?



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