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Actor Vikram Going To Quit The Films? Official Statement About The Rumours!

Vikram is a Tamil actor, who was lastly acted in Kadaram Kondan, present he is facing issues with the rumors spread by many people. So, he reacted for all the fake news spread over him. So he responded is his official account about, is he leaving the film industry? And he said that he is not getting out of the industry, all are rumors, and Vikram talks about these in the events attended recently. The famous publicist conformed that Vikram is not going to leave his acting career, recently he signed for a project in the Tamil industry, and he said that Vikram was not going to leave his field because of some reports. Vikram opposed all the news, and he is not going to think about those.

Vikram’s publicist recently released a statement about his career in the film industry, many rumors leading daily, Actor Vikram is leaving movies to take care of his son Dhruv Vikram’s career. Just he focused on his career, and it doesn’t mean he is going away from the field. It is absolutely a fake news. And Vikram asked the people about the rumors they spread on him, how the people conformed about his career without any official information.

And he gave a bright idea to his fans about the news reported by a leading portal about his career, and Vikram reacted about the announcement posted on him. He wondered after seeing that news, and he bothered about how people spread false news without checking the official sources. And he revealed some interesting about his upcoming movies, which movie is going to release next. However, the report was false and baseless, and he clarifies by the official sources which were close to actor Vikram, Vikram doesn’t have any plans to quit the acting.

Vikram is going to act in a Tamil movie, it is a thriller movie named as “Cobra,” and He signed for Mani Ratnam’s magnum opus Ponniyin Selvan, he is going to act in this movie after completion of the Cobra. Cobra is the immediate release of Vikram’s next film, in this movie, Vikram role is a challenging one, and of course, he will take challenging ones only.
He released a statement recently that is after the Kadaram Kondan movie, and he involved in his son’s career. And Tamil remake of the Arjun Reddy failure also a reason to get reports emerged that Actor Vikram will take a break from the acting field and put together projects for his son.