Accel World Season 2 – Cancelled Or Renewed?

Accel World, an Japanese anime which was firstly released in 2012 has become popular among the people of japan. Like every anime series, this anime is also an adaptation of a manga version. Reki Kawahara is the writer of its manga version and has beautifully written it. On the other hand, HiMA has illustrated it. The series initially became popular and that’s when Sunrise decided to broadcast this manga into a visual form. The show has released its first season and then the movie Accel World: Infinite Burst was released. The movie was aired in 2016 and after that there was nothing released about the anime. The show admirers are looking for the second season which is not released yet. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss the second season of Accel World in detail. If you are someone who has a great interest in this show then read this article till the end to know the exact and right information about the show. 

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Accel World Season 2 – Is it Really Happening?

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The first season received well appreciation from the people and it goes very well from the people. While there was nothing clear from the officials, the fans don’t know anything about it. Regarding the second season, there is no official statement regarding it. While on the other part, the writer of the show was thinking of continuing the series but the production company had something else in mind. It was later revealed that Sunrise was busy in producing other shows and they haven’t put much effort in the second season of Accel world. 

So, for now there is no confirmation about the second season of this anime and the official haven’t announced whether season 2 will ever come out. 

Accel World Season 2 – What Will Be the Release Date?

Accel world season 2

Till now, you are clear that there is no plan to release the second season. Talking about the release date, which isn’t announced yet by the officials. Neither the confirmation nor the release date is out yet and it is hard to conclude anything. If everything goes fine and the production starts this year then we might see the anime in the next two years. So, if you are looking for the second season then you might see in 2022-2023. 

Furthermore, there are many anime which take 1-2 decades to come up with the next season. So, it would never be a no for the second installment. Also, if there will be any updates regarding this series then we’ll let you know by updating this article. To ensure the updated news, keep checking this page. 

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Accel World Season 2 – What Can We Accept With The Plotline?

Accel world season 2

If the second installment of this anime ever happens then we would likely to see the story from the first season. The story will pick up the pace from where it ends. However, surely the movie was launched but to be honest it didn’t satisfy the people much. I personally think that there was less content in the anime and most of the scene was from the old season. The creators haven’t utilized their enough skills. There was just a difference in the spokesperson and everything was all the same. 

Furthermore, there was rarely any chance of getting the series back for the season too. And regardless of the storyline, there is nothing officially announced so far. If there will be any updates regarding the series then we’ll update this section for you. 

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Final Words

After the release of the movie Accel World: Infinite Burst, there was nothing out from the officials. The show admirers are waiting for the second season but there is no statement regarding it. It is hard to conclude anything in this tough time because the production company is already busy in producing some other show. Development of the second season of Accel world seems to be nowhere near in their list. The first episode was announced back in 2012 and people are already forgetting this anime. But there are certain classes of people who still admire this show and are looking for it. 

We don’t know how much time it takes for the other season, but if anything happens then we’ll promise to update this section to you. Till then check out other other articles from our website, Keeperfacts, related to anime, web series, TV series and movies and keep yourself updated. 

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