A young Journalist of 15 years working to change the face of racism in sports


Ananya Kamboj a well known 15 year old is all set to take over the world with her theory of racism in sports. She has been winning laurels for her work and has gained a positive name for the country. 

About the young talent

Ananya Kamboj is 15, but her dreams are larger than her achievements and way above than her age. The class XI student is an author, ambassador of the goodwill of the BRICS countries, and is invited to take the floor in September at the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum.

Her love for football

Chandigarh’s teenager attributes her success with the Football for Friendship initiative. Ananya participated in the 2017 Indian Men’s World Cup tournament, a written initiative sponsored by the Indian government to make football famous in India while it was organised by Mission XI Million, an AIFF (All India Football Federation) programme.

A young Journalist of 15 years working to change the face of racism in sports

Her success so far

Ananya write an article on football and the ties it creates. She has shown the game as a friendship that can help bridge the gap between the genders. 

“It was a thrilling experience. We got to know about different nationalities, cultures, languages, and traditions. We were divided into teams and had to write on the nine values that are promoted by the programme, and file daily reports about football matches,” Ananya says about her F4F experience.

F4F is an annual international social program for children from more than 60 countries which rings them together to promote respect for different cultures and nationalities through soccer. The program, which the Gazprom Company implements, is supported by organizations such as FIFA, UEFA, UN, Olympic, Paralympic and governments, and football federations across the globe.

Equality through sports

Ananya is working towards gender equality and is paying a lot of focus for women empowerment. She understands the rights of women and is working to get them right with her efforts. The 15 year old has a lot of talent and is ready to bring out the best for the equal rights of the genders. 

Ananya’s future plan is to do FIFA Master, a sports management course that includes a comprehensive understanding of the sport’s social, economic , and legal dimensions and is prepared to take on the paramount challenge of promoting change through sport in India.

 “My mission is to assist young people in bringing about meaningful change for a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable society. I am very lucky because my father Vikram Kamboj was my motivation to reach my goals in life, “the young girl signs off.

In September 2020 Ananya will virtually attend UN ECOSOC Youth Forum to discuss the Football for Friendship Program and the program’s values.

Considering all the facts, there are high hopes with Ananya. So stay tuned with us so we could share quick updates with you.

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