Netflix Planned A Sequel for Trese: Release Date | Plot | Cast – Everything We Know About Trese Season 2

There have been many films and television show portraying people coexisting with monsters, but few have been as graphic as Netflix’s Trese. Alexandra Trese (Shay Mitchell) and her companions investigate a series of mysterious crimes in Manila in this anime-inspired program. While the occurrences appear to be unrelated at first, she eventually discovers a sinister scheme that connects them all. If she isn’t cautious, it might signal the end of mortal existence as we know it.

By the end of Season 1, everything is in order, but it’s apparent that there are many more adventures to be experienced. Netflix has yet to confirm if “Trese” Season 2 is in the works, but based on the critical acclaim for the first set of episodes, it’s a fair guess. The streaming service has established itself as a top destination for new, original anime, such as “Castlevania” and “Yasuke,” so it’s understandable that it would want to keep such a high-profile talent on board.

Trese season 1

Manila is home to a variety of supernatural entities, some of which are from the Underworld and others from the Skyworld, despite the fact that most people are unaware of it. Alexandra, like the lakan, walks a fine line between the mundane and the exceptional. Crispin and Basilio, twins of the Bukidnon battle deity Datu Talagbusao, are her frequent companions. They are easygoing, sardonic, and incredibly strong (Steve Blum).

When they were younger, their father murdered their mother and attempted to consume them, but Anton and Alexandra protected them. The Accord members were hesitant to keep Talagbusao’s children alive, but Anton persuaded them, knowing that the God of War would come one day, and humans and non-humans alike would want the children’s assistance.

Alexandra is revealed to be the subject of a terrible prophesy. As the sixth child of the sixth child, she is destined to govern the Underworld, according to the Emissary of Death. Alexandra is a wizard, and her primary weapon appears to be Sinag, a magical kris knife. Her father informed her that the knife contains a piece of her stillborn twin sister’s soul and urged her to take it with her at all times.

She saves victims from an aswang (a wide phrase that refers to a variety of terrible monsters from Philippine folklore) trafficking ring throughout the series.

While following Maliksi, the son of the tikbalang (humanoid monsters with horse heads and hooves from Philippine legend), and Bagyon Kulimlim, the son of the lightning elemental lord, she discovers a lost girl. She then learns that a well-known actress gave birth to a tiyanak by leaving her child. Alexandra assists Captain Guerrero, a father figure in her childhood, in fighting zombies in episode 4.

In episode 5, Alexandra discovers that Mayor Sancho Santamaria, a guy she assisted in his incarceration, is the one who appears to be behind everything she has been researching in recent weeks. Nuno sa Manhole, a longstanding acquaintance of Alexandra, is also found to have joined forces with Sancho. Despite the fact that she and her companions beat them, Talagbusao is revealed to be the true puppeteer, who has arranged his comeback by manipulating Sancho and Nuno.

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The season finale devotes a significant amount of time to explaining who Alexandra is and what her father has done to save her from fulfilling her terrible destiny. It not only puts the plot in perspective up to this point, but it also sets the stage for future seasons. Alexandra is informed by Talagbusao that her twin, Sinag, was not stillborn.

Anton killed Sinag because he knew he would become the warrior who would bring the world to its knees for Alexandra. He sought to keep Alexandra’s actual fate hidden from the other Accords members. The dissidents came for Alexandra when she entered the Balete Tree for her trial, and her father had them murdered.

When Netflix Release Second Season of Trese?

The first season was published in its entirety on June 10, 2021, with six 30-minute episodes. There have been no renewal announcements for Season 2 of Trese on Netflix as of yet! The series has received rave reviews, and viewers and anime lovers alike are clamoring for more!

The Netflix series’ creative staff has many of sources of inspiration. This story was originally a Filipino comics series, therefore there are plenty of other stories out there about Alexandra defending her city from the powers of evil. Hopefully, those plotlines will serve as a template for the following season, which will arrive on our screens sooner rather than later. Given Netflix’s desire to grow its Originals anime collection, there’s a good possibility that Trese will be renewed for a second season shortly.

Season 2 of Trese on Netflix should be released in 2022, according to the current schedule!

Trese Season 2 Cast

The voice cast for “Trese” includes English, Filipino, and Japanese speakers. We expect all of the voice performers to return for their individual parts, regardless of whether you like subs or dubs. Shay Mitchell is expected to reprise her role as Alexandra Trese in the English version, with Griffin Puatu providing the voices for her twin bodyguards, the Kambal. Jon Jon Briones as Hank, Carlos Alazraqui as Anton Trese, Nicole Scherzinger as Miranda Trese, and Manny Jacinto as Maliksi are among the cast members who might return.

Naturally, in such a brutal series, several characters meet their demise at various moments during Season 1. This is especially true with Captain Guerrero, who is voiced by Matt Yang King. He dies in the course of assisting Alexandra in defeating Datu Talagbusao (Steve Blum), before Alexandra gets the chance to imprison Talagbusao in a liminal world. Theoretically, both characters might return. After all, flashbacks played a big part in the first season’s episodes, so those actors may show up again in that position. There are even more mysterious ways to bring back characters when dealing with supernatural powers.

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Plot of Trese Season 2

Alexandra traps the big villain Datu Talagbusao in a region between realities where he won’t be able to damage anyone else at the end of Season 1 of “Trese.” This follows Talagbusao’s revelation that Alexandra’s father murdered her twin sister in order to prevent the apocalyptic prophesy from coming true. The reality rocked Alexandra to her core, and Season 2 will most likely take up where Season 1 left off with this emotional thread. Season 2 might follow her as she solves crimes while doubting everything her father tells her.

The mid-credits sequence from the Season 1 finale is another narrative piece that will undoubtedly appear in future episodes. The scene shows a monster that appears to be a jiangshi (roughly a Chinese vampire) and only whispers one word: “Trese.” The jiangshi isn’t the only bloodthirsty magical creature out there, so Alexandra will undoubtedly have her work cut out for her when she returns to Netflix.

Hope season 2 will released soon. Till then stay tuned to Keeperfacts for more information.

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