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A National Archery Camp For Olympics Will Resume On August 25 At ASI, Pune: SAI

On Thursday, the Sports Authority of India (ASI) stated that The national archery camp of the Olympics would resume. The locations would be at the Army Sports Institute in Pune, and the date is finalized to be on August 25, 2020. The match was taken down because of the pandemic. 

The camp had to be paused amid March because of Covid-19. Even though now that SAI has announced to resume the camp, there are going to be terms and conditions which have to be followed by all. 

The camp is going to be held with a minimum of people possible. There are in total sixteen archers, out of which eight are men, and another eight are women. There are going to be four coaches along with them and only two support staff. So, as a whole, this group of 22 people who will go to the ASI camp will have to follow certain restrictions. 

Firstly, all of them have to spend fourteen days of isolation after arriving at Pune compulsorily. After spending fourteen days at ASI, they will be allowed to start their training. It is announced that the archers, along with the coaches and support staff, have to undergo a Covid-19 test. 

This is mandated by SAI for all the athletes from all over India who will arrive at the national camps. 

A National Archery Camp For Olympics Will Resume On August 25 At ASI, Pune: SAI

Athletes and Olympics 2021

Getting selected for the Olympics is the big thing to achieve; for India, Tarundeep, Atanu and Pravin are going to represent India in the Olympics next year as Deepika Kumari is the only woman archer who will represent India in the Olympics. 

The archers that have been called for the ASI camp are Tarundeep Rai, Atanu Das, Pravin Jadhav, Sukhmanu Babrekar, B Dhiraj, Kapil, Vishwas, Jayanta Talukdar, Deepika Kumari, L Bombayla Devi, Madhu Vedwan, Ankita Bhakat, Tisha Sancheti, Riddhi, and Himani Pramila Baria.

The Olympics were actually scheduled for 2020. It was going to be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020. However, like every other sports event, everything has to be postponed or canceled. The Olympics got rescheduled for 2021 in March, considering the situation. Next year in Tokyo, it will take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021; This is the first time ever that the Olympics are postponed instead of being canceled

Sports Authority of India (ASI), said that they had issued guidelines, guidelines of the health ministry, there are standard operating procedures issued by SAI, and there are guidelines issued by the state government too. Players have to follow this during the training too. 

Closure | Indian Hero’s 

Although, after so much struggle, Deepika, Tarundeep, Atanu, and Pravin are representing India. Here we should support and motivate them for the Olympics. 

No matter what the result is, we are always with them, and they are giving their best for India. I hope the spirit of sports stays alive forever. 

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