A List Season 2 Release Date: Things You Need to Know!


Netflix is getting popular day by day and why shouldn’t it be? Their platform gives us some of the best Web series to watch. Plus, they are the reason why we have survived the lockdown, UGH! The day without Netflix is just boring. So, with the number of so many web series on it, today we thought to write a review on one of them. Are you excited to know about it? The A list is the one I am talking about.

This web series is recently on talk because of the number of mixed reviews. Some do like it while other didn’t and this put the people to think about whether they are going to release their season 2 or not. Just like how the series Mismatched was popular because of the equal number of lovers and critics.


If you wanna know about this series then be with me till the end of this article. LET’S BEGIN.

A List – What Do You Need to know?

A British television series that follows the genre of Thriller was first premiered on 25 October 2018. To all the people who love teen drama, this one is for you. The BBC channel is responsible for airing this show and we know how they have released some of the OP shows like Sherlock Holmes. The director of this show is Dan Berlinka and he plays the role of the creator too, along with Nina Metivier.


While watching the show you'll see the character Mia is the center of the series. Now, this show isn’t like every other teen drama. I personally think that many people misjudge teen drama as being simple, cute, and romantic. But the creator of the show, Dan and Nina, thought of breaking this stereotype.

The A list is more than that. It follows the life of a dark society and you'll see it through the eyes of the character Mia. While watching the show, I found that this show matches Pretty Little Liar and Lost. Tell me in the comment section if you also feel like me.

Now, the first season of this series ends and fans are still thinking that there is much in the storyline but it is really happening. Let’s find out this with Detective Natalie.

The A List Season 2 – Is it Coming or Not?

The show gained mixed reviews from the people but gained a quiet amount of viewership shortly after it ended its first season. But, In 2019, the show network, BBC network decided to cancel season 2 of the A list. Although there is no official reason for its cancellation somewhere, we feel that it is because the show didn’t attract many ratings. And we know how the BBC is famous for releasing famous shows so they might don’t wanna spend their time on this show.

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Whatever the reason is, season 2 of the A list is canceled by its original TV network

A List Season 2 – is Netflix Thinking Something?

The A List Season 2

Shortly after the show is canceled by Netflix fans were sad but there were rumors circulating in social media that Netflix have decided to release its second season for the people. Is it really true?

Yes, this news is later confirmed by the officials of NETFLIX that they have decided to premiere season 2. The Co-Director, Nina Metivier releases the statement in an interview,

The A List season 2 – When It is going to release?

Though it is confirmed that Netflix is going to take this show but we don’t know when. Netflix didn’t give any official release date for this show.

But there was a report the show will be back in August 2020 but due to Covid-19, it was later postponed to the next year. As we know that Covid-19 has already shut down the production of many movies and TV shows. Now, as everything is going back to normal, we might see the second season this year.

Moreover, I have read a lot of tweets from people saying that the show will be released in the first half of 2021 but it is not yet confirmed.

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If there will Be any more confirmation of the news then we’ll update this section. For getting the update Bookmark this page.

The A list Season 2 – What will be Plotline?

If you’ve seen the first part already then you would probably know that season 1 was quite interesting. In the first part, we see Mia getting into a new school and finding new people around her. They went to an island for the summer camp named, Peregrine. The camp was supposed to have fun, at least this is what the instructor told them.

Never mind, it was turn out to be darker than ever. There was a girl named Amber, which you will be kind of suspicious of. The main character, Mia, too felt the same and she was kind of pissed off with her. Amber, who is unknown to many students always comes between Mia and her boyfriend.

The show gets interesting as you move ahead with the episodes. If you haven’t watched this series yet then I’ll recommend you to watch it now. This teen melodrama series is great.

Where is the Official Trailer?

If you're wondering about the official announcement then we are sorry to tell you that the official trailer isn’t been released yet and we don’t know when it is going to release but we know one thing when it’ll be released, we’re surely going to update you.

For now, you can watch the trailer of The A list season 1.

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

The show was well received by the people but didn’t go right for the critics. While the Audience rating summary of the A list is 4.6, which is must appreciable but on the other hand the IMDb rating of this show is 5.4/10 which isn’t something we’ll expect.

Moreover, this is the reason why the BBC network decided to not broadcast this series on their channels.