A Korean Odyssey Season 2 : Premiere Date , Cast and Latest Updates Which You Should Know?


Hwayugi, or A Korean Odyssey, is a South Korean television drama produced by the Hong Sisters. It is a contemporary adaptation of Wu Chueng'en's 16th-century Chinese novel “Journey to the West.” While a few production mistakes prompted criticism at the time, no one can deny the show's greatness.

We've gathered to discuss the possibility of a second season of A Korean Odyssey.


The Fantasy-Romance-based drama delivers a lot with its enticing graphics, amazing cast, and narrative, but something else captured the audience's attention as well. The soundtrack for the show featured songs by N'UEST W, Suran, AOA, and Bumkey, among other well-known Korean artists. Through imagination, the programme employs Magic Realism to convey the harshness that occurs in the real world.

A Korean Odyssey Season 2

Season 2 of A Korean Odyssey Announcement & Release Date


The first season began on December 23, 2017 and immediately shattered rating records, which continued to grow until the show was released on Netflix. Season 1's conclusion also left a few unsolved mysteries, which adds to the possibility of a sequel. To be honest, the chance of a sequel is quite high, but we cannot be certain due to the lack of formal confirmation.

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Season one of A Korean Odyssey premiered on March 23, 2017, on the Gregorian calendar. The show developed tremendously in quality and became one of the most popular television shows of its era. Its stature was more inflated once Netflix acquired the international broadcasting rights.

However, due to the passing of the season, we rarely have a political candidate announcement. However, given the show's popularity, we'd be surprised if it didn't receive another season. Our best prediction is that, assuming the show is resurrected, A Korean Odyssey Season 2 will premiere in 2020. We'll update this area as soon as we hear more about the second season of a Korean odyssey.

There are several elements that could potentially result in a sequel. To be honest, the chance of a sequel is rather strong; nevertheless, we cannot confirm anything because official sources have verified nothing of the sort. If anything changes regarding A Korean Odyssey Season 2, we will notify our readers immediately. Keep an eye out!


The narrative of a lady named Seon-mi is told in ‘A Korean Odyssey.' She possesses the ability to envision ghosts, although this is more of a curse than a blessing. The continual presence of spirits surrounding her precludes her from leading a conventional existence. As a result, she has difficulty making friends, and even her relatives attempt to maintain the greatest possible distance from her.

Her grandmother is the only one who comprehends her predicament and lends her a yellow umbrella enchanted with protection spells in order to assist her. This prevents any spirits from returning too close to the edge.

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The tainted Monkey King Son Oh-gong is exiled from his eminence to the mundane world. The only way for him to return is to approach a lady who has the ability to sense spirits. Things become more difficult as a curse intensifies the difficulty, and they are forced to battle bad spirits along the way, but they eventually fall for every alternative. Can a pair of A Korean Odyssey Seasons continue on this path?

The Narrative

The despotic Monkey King Oh-son gong is relegated to the realm of mortals from his eminence. He can only return home if he makes touch with a woman who has the ability to see spirits. Things grow far more complicated when a curse intensifies the difficulty, and they are forced to combat evil spirits together, but they eventually fall in love. Is this the direction in which A Korean Odyssey Season 2 will take?

Netflix is currently showing the first season of A Korean Odyssey.

A Korean Odyssey Season 2

Season 2 Characters of A Korean Odyssey

The audience has already developed a bond with the previous cast. It would be a tragedy if they did not return for A Korean Odyssey Season 2.

Lee Seung-gi as Son Oh-gong Woo Hwi-Chul / Woo Ma-wang / Cha Seung-won as Devil King
Jin Seon-mi / Sam-Jang were portrayed by Oh Yeon-Seo P.K. / Joe Pal-game were portrayed by Lee Hong-gi Yoon Dae-Sik / Sa Oh-Jeong were portrayed by Jang Gwang Jung Se-ra / Jin Bu-ja / Richie / Ah Sa-no were portrayed by Lee Se-young Ma Ji-young were portrayed by Lee Se-young Song Jong-ho as El Kang Dae-sung Kim Sung-oh as Lee Han-Joo
Sung Hyuk portrays General Winter and Summer Fairy.


Regrettably, there has been no trailer produced for Season 2. The following is the Season 1 trailer for A Korean Odyssey


Season 2 Description of Korean Odyssey

season 2 of a Korean odyssey

A Korean Odyssey, also known as Hwayugi, is a South Korean television drama series authored by the Hong Sisters. It is a contemporary rendition of Chinese Chueng'en's 16th-century classic novel “Journey to the West.” Numerous incidents that occurred during the assembly sparked controversy at the time, but nobody can doubt the show's mastery. We're here right now to discuss the possibilities of the second season of A Korean Odyssey.

As a contemporary rendition of the ancient Chinese novel “Voyage to the West” from the sixteenth century, A Korean Odyssey is an Associate in Nursing epic journey that should not be missed. The show's success has elevated it to one of South Korea's most popular television dramas, with numerous fans already requesting Season 2.

What is it about this show, you inquire? To begin, there are visually appealing aesthetics and a strong sturdy foundation. However, did you know that its audio recording includes songs by well-known Korean musicians such as N'UEST W, Suran AOA Bumkey, and others? Never before has the genre been so effective at depicting a harsh reality through fiction as it is in ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea'.

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The Fantasy-Romance drama does a lot with its appealing aesthetics, excellent foundation, and plotline, but one thing attracted the audience's attention even more. That was the show's audio recording, which included music from well-known Korean musicians such as N'UEST W, Suran, AOA, and Bumkey. The show widens the genre's reach by using imagination to depict the world's harshness.

In A Nutshell

Episode 2 did not air in its entirety on December 24, 2017 due to “internal problems,” but was re-broadcast the following day at 18:10.
Episodes 3 and 4 were originally scheduled to air on December 30 and 31, 2017, but were moved back a week to allow time for the production team to work on the CG and review the production process.