7 Types of Malware That Can Ruin Online Movies


Watching films on a personal computer like a laptop or a desktop or a mobile device like a tablet or phone is something we all enjoy doing. It helps recharge our mind and earn some relaxation. Perhaps that’s why it can be pretty annoying when a film doesn’t stream optimally, or our computer crashes. While quite a few factors can come in the way of a smooth streaming experience, many people don’t realize that malware is one of them.

You’re now probably asking yourself, what is malware and how can it ruin online movies. Basically, malware is short for malicious software. It’s a blanket term for any program that seeks to harm a computer, device, or network. The following are some types of malware that can ruin online movies for you:

1. Adware

Adware is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that throws up ads on your screen. The ads can be irritating and pop up in the middle of a film, and they can also slow down your computer.

2. Malicious Toolbars and Extensions

Sometimes, malware can install a malicious toolbar or an extension on your computer without your consent. These PUPs may negatively impact the performance of the browser you use to stream films.

3. Browser Hijackers

A browser hijacker will redirect your browser to other websites to help its authors make advertising money. With a browser hijacker plaguing your computer, you may find it challenging to visit a movie streaming website on the first try.

4. Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are a dangerous type of malware that will corrupt your data. They piggyback on files and propagate after user activation. Without remedial action, you can lose infected files for good. A virus may even corrupt your browser or video player. And the worst viruses will leave your system inoperable.

5. Computer Worms

Computer worms are similar to PC viruses but far more threatening. Unlike viruses, they self-propagate, spreading across a computer or a network after breaching network defenses. Worms can corrupt data and use up your hard disk space or Internet connection, making it challenging to stream videos or perform many other tasks. They can also carry other malware like ransomware or rootkits.

6. Rootkits

Rootkits give their authors deep access to your computer. A bad actor can open a backdoor for other malware that can negatively impact your computer’s performance with a rootkit. A bad actor can also gain admin access to your machine and stop you from performing any task.

7. Cryptojackers

Cryptojackers are a type of PUP with malicious scripts that help hackers use your computer to mine cryptocurrencies. Cryptojacking malware uses your computer’s hardware and Internet connection and can potentially reduce your video streaming quality. In addition, cryptojacking can overheat your laptop or device battery.

How do you stop malware?

Stopping the type of malware that can impact online video streaming requires an advanced antivirus software download, and it also requires a firewall that shields your network against malicious activity. Keep in mind that malicious software also spreads through email attachments, shady links, untrustworthy websites, so please be careful about the platforms you visit on the Internet.