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Do you remember the line ‘I am going to live in this world’ and I’ll prove that I can survive? If yes, then you are the big fan of this 7 seeds manga and anime series. Here, we come to talk about the 7 seeds season 3 which is an upcoming season to this scientific fiction and survival anime series?

What do you think will the anime be renewed or cancelled, as season 2 comes after some months when season 1 concluded. So why is the new season taking so long to renew or cancel?

Let’s discuss more about 7 seeds before jumping to season 3 release date and many more updates about it.

7 seeds is an good anime series which is a survival genre or it looks like that you stuck in the game and you have to end the game and come out by solving and have to make survival by helping one another.

First season of this series came in 2019 on Netflix and it is taken from the long running manga series.

The series was created by Gonzo Studio and directed by Yukio Takahashi and written by Toko Machida. It is te ONA Series who some of the property was also shared by Gonzo Studio to Kai Studio.

The latest or the previous season 2 came to broadcast on Netflix on March 26, 2020 and now fans expected that they will receive new season in 2021? Now the question arises, has Netflix or the studio released any information about the new installment?

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Before moving to the release date of 7 seeds, let’s discuss about what happened in 7 seeds and what is the story of this anime series to let audience or readers know about it who are reading this series for the first time.

7 Seeds Season: Storyline

7 Seeds Season 3

In the 7 Seeds story, it was predicted by the astronomers that their Earth is in danger in the near future. They forecast that their Earth will be destroyed when a giant meteorite collided with it.

Due to which all living organisms comes to wipe out from the planet. So to protect the earth in future from the outcome which they see, the world savers decided to take measures with the help of every government against the worst scenario.

They decided to implement the plan which is called “Project 7 Seeds” where healthy seven men and women are selected which is a set of five that is Spring, Summer A, Summer B, Autumn And Winter and they are placed in the team.

These young people were put in the cryogenic sleep for the purpose of preserving humanity but when they all woke up they find themselves in the vicious world. In this brutal world they tried and struggle to survive while being loved forever by each other.

So we can say that when they woke up they find themselves at the end of the world or life where survival became difficult along with love forever.

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7 Seeds Season: Release Date

7 Seeds Season 3

At this moment neither 7 seeds is renewed or cancelled by the Netflix nor the Studio Kai which means there is still a 50-50 chance for the both. So we checking the latest news for the series to inform you when its official confirmation arrives on the internet. We will update you and share everything new about the season 3 of 7 seeds anime series.

For this time we are just hoping that the series will come out in 2022 or somewhat in beginning of 2023 as there is no leaks about the new season of the series to come in 2021 and half of the 2021 has been completed so there is slim chance for the new installment coming this year if the series officially confirm in coming months.

There are many reasons for the season to get a green light if they want to renew the season and one of the reasons for the approval is that the source is taken from the famous Japanese manga series which is popular in itself.

So, in a simple and easy way we can say that there is no official confirmation about the season 3 of 7 Seeds for renewing or cancelling the anime.

If we talk about release dates of the previous season then you have seen that there is not a long time gap between first and the second season.

But this time you have to wait a little longer to see the anime on the big screen. We will inform you about the season 3 updates by updating this article when new official updates come.

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7 Seeds: About Manga and the Anime Series

7 Seeds Season 3

7 Seeds anime is the adaptation of the popular Japanese manga which is written by Yumi Tamura which started airing in 2001 on the Bessatsu Shojo Comics and it contains 35 volumes in total and now the story of manga is completed so after that they decided to cover up the 16 volumes in first season of anime series quickly.

In next season it only covers 4 volumes as story went deeper. So there is enough material left for the season 3rd to renew if the third season is possible to come.

Where Can You Watch 7 Seeds Anime?

You can currently stream both seasons of this sci-fi anime on Netflix and enjoy the survival genre of five groups of young people.

Is 7 Seeds on Crunchyroll?

Yes, you can watch the 7 seeds anime series on Crunchyroll which is written by Yumi Tamura and it is a good anime series.

Is There Any Trailer or Teaser Released for the Season 3 of 7 Seeds?

No, there is no teaser or trailer available for the season 3 as yet no official confirmation is announced for the new season. So when any official information comes then we will tell you about its trailer. Till then watch 7 seeds season 2 trailer which is given below-

Last Lines

7 Seeds anime series is about the 5 sets of teams who were chosen to protect the Earth and survive in the brutal World when they woke up. The series got an overall of 6.4 ratings and episode no.10 of season 1 i.e. Cold Dew and Episode no. 12 Pure Brightness of season 2 are top rated on IMDB and the whole series got mix reviews on it. If you searching mre animes to read then check our latest animes on Keeperfacts.com to read interesting worth watching animes. Some of the animes on our site are Rent a Girlfriend season 2, Dress Up My Darling and many more.

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