5 Ways Brands Can Use TikTok Marketing to Go Viral


The Chinese social media app TikTok is gaining tremendous popularity. People engage the videos through scrolling. The trending video always comes on top to gain the attention of the users. Millions of people are using TikTok. Even brands are coming up with an idea to join TikTok to increase their customer base.

As per the TikTok marketing report, it is the best way to promote your business without wasting too much money. TikTok works. You create short videos from 15 to 60 seconds and post them on the platform.

The platform also provides various filters, music, and editing options to finalize the video. Before a user puts the video live on the platform, one can use these background features to make the short video attractive. It is a powerful medium to connect with a large number of audiences. TikTok is a popular social media site among people who are below 30 and even above 30.

The short and crisp video gives out a clear message to the viewers. The interface of the app is easy. After you sign up with the TikTok account, you enter into the main dashboard, see a plus sign, tap it, and you can start recording the video. You can even upload pre-recorded videos with good editing. Choose trendy, viral music so that people scroll your video, check your profile and follow your business. It's all about good marketing skills that help you gain attention from the users.

So, on that note, here are 5 ways following which every brand can use TikTok marketing to go viral.

5 Ways Brands Can Use TikTok Marketing to Go Viral

Hashtag Challenges

When a brand is ready to post Tiktok videos, then it is advisable to go for the challenges of hashtags. It helps the brands to get into the picture. If a brand uses the right hashtags, then chances are high visibility. TikTok SEO pushes the hashtags, and users can search your content accordingly. Tiktok brand marketing ensures that your brand reaches heights. The brand can even take help from TikTok itself to find the right hashtags.

Type a keyword on the search button and find the list of suggested hashtags that comes from TikTok. You will get generic hashtags, competitive hashtags. But the choice depends on you. Check some hashtag challenges of big brands. You get an idea to create your own and promote the same to maximize its reach.

Help from Influencers

Influencer marketing is getting popular day by day. The TikTok social media influencers are having a large number of followers. Whatever they say will get huge brand visibility. Some followers of these TikTok influencers are not only ardent followers, but they listen diligently to the influencers. The top influencers have various set of price packages that goes according to the budget of the brand for TikTok marketing.

Even the TikTok influencers also come to the brand to collaborate and help in both ways. When you see an influencer that is good for your brand TikTok marketing campaign, then talk to the person for paid collaboration. You must start with a small target. Once you grow the audience base, then you have the power to bargain. Even you get help from influencers to create engaging content.


TikTok introduces a business platform that brands choose for TikTok ads. As a business owner, you must keep track of the ads on the TikTok platform. A brand owner has the options like top view, brand takeover and in-feed ads, challenges of branded hashtags, and branded effects. A big organization must mix all these advertisement sections to create the best view of the brand in front of the users.

Small business organizations must choose in-feed ads to get a good return on the business. Set your budget on TikTok brand marketing and then choose the type of ad you want to promote your brand. It helps you increase the span of business, increase followers, and even you can go viral.

Having a Pro Account

Serious with TikTok marketing? Then, you must sign up with a pro account to get additional benefits and analytics support. You get help to create good content and even connect with your followers. The features of the pro account give you the comfort of checking day-by-day or week-by-week progress reports. You can use all the different features of a pro account to survive in the competitive social media marketing tactics.

Be Consistent To Be Viral

You have to post content consistently to gain followers and maximize the reach. Post your content like suppose over a week at different time slots to check which time is best for you to post these videos on TikTok. Then you check the insight of the posts. It helps you keep track of the content and its reach. Try this method for about two weeks then you come to know which time slot and how frequent your content is getting views.


Follow the same metrics to increase your brand reach. Even have an engaging bio on your TikTok profile with the business website so that viewers can go back to your profile, read the details, check your business through the website link, and be a customer of the business. This tactic has a good ROI.


The business may not receive overnight success. But, you must be a part of the marketing of TikTok. It is one of the best platforms to use for your business. The interactive platform helps you connect with users directly. It helps you set your own goal and achieve business targets. All you need is to find the best use of this social media, follow its analytics and create content to boost up the sales of your business.

No one is stopping you from experimenting. You must go through a test and trial of all the features of TikTok, and it gives you positive feedback.