5 Signs That Shows You Are No Longer Growing in Your Job

Read on to discover the five signs that you are no longer growing in your job.

1. You Are Doing the Same Work You Have Been Doing for 2-3 Years

If you were doing exactly the same or largely similar work to what you were doing two years ago, then it means that you are not progressing in your career. Nobody wants to remain at the same level for years. If you are a CEH i.e. an ethical hacker and were helping clients find vulnerabilities in their systems two years back, and you still do the same thing today, then you are pretty much stuck at the same level. It could be due to not being properly in your work. See what you are doing wrong and how you can improve it so that you can move ahead to the next level.

2. Your Earning Has Increased but So Has Your Work

A lot of people think that they are growing in their job because they have started earning more. But they forget to take their workload into account. If you have started earning more than last year or last 6 months, then has your workload also increased? If you are freelancing with ethical hacking online or doing a full-time job at an organisation, then your income or salary may have increased, but that could be just a result of getting more clients or getting more responsibility at work. So in essence, you have not actually been growing at your job. You are just being paid more for more work. You need to understand that an increase in the amount of work does not always mean professional growth. In fact, your real value as a professional grows when you are paid more for the same amount of work you used to do earlier.

5 Signs That Shows You Are No Longer Growing in Your Job

3. You Have Not Been Offered a New Job for a Long Time

People tend to become comfortable with their jobs. If they have been performing well at their current organisation, they will become habitual to it and not look for better opportunities. If you have not been offered a new job or a working opportunity in a long time outside your current organisation or current clientele, then you need to take a hard look at your professional curve. Have you been doing enough to grow your career? Have you become stagnant at your work? If you were growing in your professional life, you would have at least got offers for new projects (projects that are more aligned with your career goals and that challenge you), irrespective of whether you would accept them or not.

4. Your Professional Achievements Are Limited to Your Daily Job

When you sit and look at your professional achievements, you will find a clear cut answer for how much you have grown. If your professional achievements do not surprise you, then you have not been growing, my friend. It means that you haven’t tried anything new or haven’t gone beyond your daily work list. You are stuck doing your 9-5 job or your regular freelancing and have not gone the extra mile, whether in terms of starting a passion project or a side hustle or just something extra at work.

5 Signs That Shows You Are No Longer Growing in Your Job

5. Your Network Is Small and Ineffective

Your network is a true indicator of your professional growth. If your professional network has remained stagnant or grown smaller or weaker over time, then that is a clear sign that you are not going in the right direction of professional success. The more people you know, the more opportunities you end up opening for yourself. Therefore, notice how much your network has increased in number and in strength.