5 Great Tech Startup Ideas You Can Do Now!

These days the lure of doing your own thing is stronger than ever. The internet has facilitated a space in which there are all kinds of angles and avenues to explore.

The technological climate in which we now find ourselves is such that just about anyone who’s willing to put in the time can become successful. Of course it doesn’t hurt if you’re already tech savvy or you’ve been honing your career skills within the realm of tech.

Perhaps you’re ready to leave the comfort zone of the corporate arena and branch off into something of your own making? Needless to say, here are some tech startup ideas that are well worth exploring.

1. Website Development

Web Development

In the early days of website development, the vocation was niche and required years of study. Developers are still in great demand, but nowadays almost anyone with a yearning can learn and build websites.

This is because the net is filled with website-building apps that make the process of creating sites a lot easier. Gone are the days of learning HTML coding and in are the days of drag and drop.

In other words, making a professional looking website is a lot easier than it used to be. Prove your mettle in this tech startup arena, and you could find yourself building sites for businesses, professionals and individuals.

2. Social Media Management

Social media has given everyone a leg up, and those who spend more time on it, are likely better at it. Nowadays most businesses have a social media profile and if they don’t, then they should.

Through social media profiles, businesses are able to communicate directly with their customers and drive more revenue through brand or service recognition. If you’re well-versed in managing social media profiles, then you can definitely transform this skill into something lucrative.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a jack of all trades; perhaps Instagram and Facebook are what you’re good at, and that’s good enough. The demand for social media managers is pretty high, and salaries can be too.

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3. App Development

App Development

If there’s another tech skill that’s in great demand, it’s app development. In fact it’s most likely on par with web development. The majority of the world relies on their smartphones to access the web and to do all kinds of things, be it finding true love on Tinder, playing shooter games or trading tech shares or stocks in order to turn a profit for that matter.

The versatility of the app market knows no boundaries and is only as limited as your imagination. Thus as far as a skill-set is concerned, there’s no way app development is going to disappear overnight.

What’s great about app development is that you can work on your own projects as well as those of clients, businesses or companies. There’s a lot to be said for a great app idea that can see itself through to fruition.

Not only are there open source software tools that you can utilise, but there are also no-code app development tools to use, meaning you could start at a novice level.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t just a great way to earn some serious cash, it also lends itself to a digital nomadic lifestyle. As long as you’ve got your laptop and an internet connection, you can be working at it.

This means your office is where you make it. The model is quite simple too – establish a relationship with distributors, service providers or product manufacturers and then promote and/or sell these products by way of your website.

Each time someone buys something through you’re website, you get a commission.

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5. Blogging


If you can write, you can blog, and while blogging may have started off as nothing more than expressing one’s opinion, it’s gained a lot of traction as print has shrunk over the years. Blogging isn’t just a way for get paid for your expert opinion, it’s also an integral part of any well-designed website which subscribes to SEO practices.

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