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5 Coldest Reasons Actors in Hollywood Were Ditched

This was an intentional choice made by individuals who desired a more secluded lifestyle. Some prefer to settle down with a family and steady employment in the long run. Some individuals elect to continue their education by enrolling in college. However, some individuals were compelled to leave Hollywood. These individuals were blacklisted and forced to leave the organization. And their names are now nearly forgotten.

“If you want to be famous, you must do something famous,” which means something absolutely exceptional on film or in front of an audience, according to a proverb. This is why we call some of them film stars, television stars, and music icons. Celebrities exerted great effort to get their current level of fame.

Mel Gibson

5 Coldest Reasons Actors in Hollywood Were Ditched

Mel Gibson is a seasoned actor who has garnered notice for his outspoken views in the past. Gibson allegedly exclaimed “F—— Jews… the Jews are guilty for all the wars” while being removed from his vehicle following his DUI arrest in California several years ago. As a result, Gibson lost both his fan base and his job chances. In 2010, Gibson was again caught raving about black people and threatening his ex-girlfriends with death. The entertainment industry effectively blacklisted Gibson afterward.

Brendan Fraser

5 Coldest Reasons Actors in Hollywood Were Ditched

You may recall Brendan Fraser from his roles in box office successes such as The Mummy and Journey to the Center of the Earth. His employment prospects evaporated abruptly. Fraser believes it was related to his encounter with former Hollywood Foreign Press Association head Philip Berk. As reported by GQ, Fraser writes in his biography, “His left-hand swings around… and one of his fingers taps me in the taint,” Fraser continued, “it caused me to retreat.”

Shia Labeouf

5 Coldest Reasons Actors in Hollywood Were Ditched

Shia Labeouf‘s major break occurred in 2007 when he was cast as Sam Witwicky in Michael Bay’s Transformers film. After this, LaBeouf explored further film roles, including one opposite Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt. However, the actor also began acting oddly. Even now, the difficult actor is in demand.

Katherine Heigl

5 Coldest Reasons Actors in Hollywood Were Ditched

Katherine Heigl rose to fame after being cast in the lead role of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. However, Heigl did the unthinkable and commented negatively about the show. This finally resulted in the actress’ dismissal from the show. After criticizing her film Knocked Up, Heigl rapidly became one of the most despised performers in Hollywood. In addition, all of Heigl’s films performed poorly at the box office.

Lindsay Lohan

5 Coldest Reasons Actors in Hollywood Were Ditched

Lindsay Lohan starred in several hit Disney films as a child. As she evolved into a teenage actress, Lohan, however, became a very polarising figure. Initially, she had numerous run-ins with the law. It is also alleged that she became less professional in her employment conduct. James G. Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, scolded the actress on the set of Georgia Rule for acting “like a spoiled child.”